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The Horror Corner is truly a unique and original company for and by rabid genre fans, offering a killer selection of horror merch at great prices.

The Horror Corner

In this month’s edition of Monster’s Toy Box, I’m proud to introduce you to one of the coolest companies in the horror genre. It’s completely original and unlike anything else out there. The Horror Corner is your one stop shop for all things horror.

The company was founded in 2015 as a way to provide quality horror merchandise at affordable prices. Growing up, there wasn’t a ton of horror merchandise available. And the things that were came at a price. There really wasn’t anywhere to purchase cool genre gear that didn’t break the bank.

Now, thanks to this truly inspiring and kickass shop, there’s a place for fans to go nuts and express their support for horror. The company’s main purpose is to give back to the community and provide it with some truly amazing horror merchandise, at some seriously killer prices.

The Horror Corner began by selling Hellraiser laminate configuration piggy banks. As this is one of their favorite horror films, it only seemed right that this be the first product sold. The profits from this popular item allowed the company to become what it is today. And the Hellraiser-inspired piggy bank remains one of the company’s top selling items to date.

There’s honestly nothing quite like this shop.

This is, without a doubt, the coolest corner on any block. The Corner offers a variety of different horror themed merchandise. Here you can find stickers, jewelry, art prints, limited edition enamel pins, keychains, magnets, masks, apparel (shirts and tote bags), candles, bar soap, bathbombs, handmade sculpts, buttons, car window decals, and more. If you want it, they’ve got it. They sell just about everything.

Recently The Horror Corner has been focusing on their enamel pins, stickers and other “printed” materials. But they’ll soon be returning back to their roots with some of their awesome old school handmade creations. They have new clay and resin sculptures coming soon, along with a new slew of mashup art. THC’s brilliant Captain Myers pin was their first mashup. It created a very cool crossover between horror and other genres — seriously genius work and definitely deserving of attention.

The company also has a brand new IT t-shirt coming soon, along with some new enamel pin designs. A lot of their releases are limited edition, so they’re constantly coming up with new ideas and new products. They show no signs of slowing. Most importantly, they want to continue making badass, unique and quality items for fans and collectors.

If you haven’t stopped by The Horror Corner store yet, hurry on over and take a peek. It’s about time horror fans had a place to go and truly geek out. There’s so much cool content, it’s easy to get lost for a while just browsing. But be warned, the site is highly addictive and once you shop, you can’t stop.

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