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Given the state of the world, it’s no wonder we all feel nostalgic for the days of low-rise jeans, pop punk, and those great 2000s movies.

There’s an old adage that goes, “everything old is new again.”

Eventually, if you wait long enough, everything — from music to fashion to cultural trends — finds its way back around again in the form of new fads or nostalgia-fueled obsession.

The recent feeding frenzy over Stranger Things reinforces how much we humans love nostalgia.

It’s like a drug that can literally induce the feel-good chemicals we all crave. In fact, studies have found that when nostalgia is triggered in participants, they tend to feel positive emotions.

So, it is no surprise that we can’t get enough of the opportunity to revisit our favorite shows and movies, whether through reboots or long-awaited sequels. There’s a reason practically every popular horror franchise of the past few decades has been resurrected in one form or another.

Nostalgia makes us feel safe and loved, warms our hearts, reminds us of good times, gives us hope for the future, and even helps give our lives meaning.

Elder millennials and Gen-Xers often feel nostalgic for the entertainment of the 80s and 90s.

So, it’s a bit of a shock to the system to realize that the younger generation is now hugely nostalgic for the 2000s — which, let’s face it, feels like yesterday and not (gasp) 20 years ago!

With the release of Avatar 2 this December (13 years after the original), the new Resident Evil series on Netflix, and the generation-defining Mean Girls making its streaming debut on Netflix this July (congrats, Lindsay on your recent marriage!), cult classics from the 2000s are making a comeback in a big way.

Americans are feeling nostalgic for the early aughts, so asked the all-important question:

What 2000s movie is the US googling the most?

To answer that question, they compiled a list of the 100 most popular 2000s movies gathered from Marie Claire, Rotten Tomatoes, and IMDb. They then found each film’s search volume in Semrush and plugged in the 11 most-searched movies into Google Trends to see which movie was googled most in the past 12 months.

They even analyzed search volume by state to find out which movie was most popular in each state.

I’m going to tell you the fascinating results. But, before I do, take a minute to give it your best guess. I know I was pretty surprised by what movie topped the list, and which films rose to the top in each state.

Ready for the reveal?

Here’s a hint: The #1 most searched film is an iconic horror film.

Have you guessed it?

When you’re ready, click the “TELL ME ALREADY” link below to get spoiled.

Turns out, American Psycho is the most Googled 2000s movie in America, with Transformers (what?) in second place.

American Psycho

Now, let’s look at those search results by state.

Middle America and the deep South, including my home state of Texas, appear to be inexplicably obsessed with Transformers.

There’s lots of superhero/fantasy love on the East and West Coast, and the North tends to gravitate towards horror and sci-fi.

Kudos to New Mexico and Utah for their Mean Girls/Legally Blonde love.

Check out the complete report here.

Did you guess correctly? Did your favorites make the list? What would be your #1 most searched 2000s gem? Let us know in the comments below!

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