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Hagazussa and Under the Skin

It’s a packed and heady episode as we explore the feminine experience plus some deep, dark themes in “Hagazussa” and “Under the Skin”.


Content note: Be advised that both films we discuss in this episode depict sexual assault.

Two movies we love so much we can’t believe we haven’t talked about them yet: one about a goatherd living a socially ostracized life in 15th century Germany, the other about an alien who hunts men for meat in 21st century Scotland.

Incongruous double feature, right? Wrong.

Today we’re talking about HAGAZUSSA (2017) and UNDER THE SKIN (2013), two stories that explore the experience of femininity, and the dread, isolation, and societal violence that comes with it.

These are two all-time favorites for both Ariel and Candace, and it will probably not surprise any long-time listeners to hear that these are feel-bad movies.

Bad things happen in these movies, and both have near-unwatchable scenes, but their moments of transcendence stem directly from their darkest themes. And hey, that’s horror, baby!

Come along, let’s wade into the primordial bog together.

Topics discussed include unconventional found footage, hallucinogens and memory, the appeal of Scarlett Johansson, spontaneous human combustion, the chill people of Scotland, real-life witchcraft, gender euphoria, religious trauma, and several reasons to get freaked out by a skull.

You can watch Hagazussa on Tubi and Under the Skin on HBO Max or Kanopy. 


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