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Prepare to descend into darkness with a nasty duo, “The Dark and the Wicked” and “When Evil Lurks” — plus a look at Rob Zombie’s horror films.

Content note: Both films in our double feature this episode contain themes of suicide, and we will discuss it during the episode. One film also contains child death.

Hello ghouls, we are back at it again with a nasty bummer of a double feature (positive) from what’s shaping up to be a nasty bummer era — the 2020s. Candace and Ariel take you through Bryan Bertino’s bleak and tough-to-pin-down The Dark and the Wicked (2020), along with Demian Rugna’s mean-spirited romp through catastrophe When Evil Lurks (2023)

Mind the content notes, but also consider both films prominently feature goats and abandonment by god. How can you turn that down?


Rob Zombie

After a long hiatus due to life events, we’re back! We’re back! Candace and Ariel are joined by regular guest, technical and emotional support, and Rob Zombie fanboy Pat Spurlock to talk about horror’s favorite wife guy — specifically House of 1000 Corpses (2003), The Devil’s Rejects (2005), and perhaps his most challenging, The Lords of Salem (2012).

Ghouls and Wikipedia summary readers, if you haven’t given Rob Zombie a proper chance, this is your sign!

Content note: Multiple of our films today include sexual violence, and this episode contains a discussion of that.


Ariel Dyer and Candace Sluder are not (your) final girls. Join us for biweekly & very charming chats about horror movies!

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