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On this episode of the podcast, we take a couple of “Wrong Turn”s into the backwoods of the horror franchise that refuses to die.

THIS EPISODE:  w/ Julie Mana-ay Perez

Not Your Final Girl is catching the zeitgeist with this one.

In this episode, Candace and Ariel talk to writer and graphic designer Julie Mana-ay about the early 2000’s slasher powerhouse and the genesis of an undying franchise, Wrong Turn (2003) — as well as its socially conscious-ish reboot, Wrong Turn (2021). We learn many important lessons in the process, such as the names of the mutant cannibals (Three Finger, Saw Tooth, and One Eye), the difference between a story credit and a writing credit, and the correct pronunciation of Dushku.

Remakes are always fun to talk about (even if they’re not technically…. good), so let’s get into one of the weirder original/remake pairs we’ve come across.

We’ve got low-rise jeans, Wicker Man (2006) style folk horror attempts, bad (but effective?) small team tactics, a woke mountain cult, explosions, and characters who have seen horror movies but still make all the worst decisions.

Stick with us, listeners, we have been hiking more than once and would never put your chair into poison ivy.

Julie Mana-ay (pronounced Ma-na-eye) Perez is a Kern County native and is a graphic designer and writer for The Bakerfield Californian and Bakersfield Life Magazine. She loves all things spooky — from horror films to true crime podcasts and watching her Sims characters die.

Movies discussed:

  • Wrong Turn (2003)
  • Wrong Turn (2021)


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