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Carrie Ann Jopek went to a party, but the punchline is far from funny because the thirteen-year-old never came home.

It’s time for another true crime episode, and this one is especially tragic as it involves a young teen girl, Carrie Ann Jopek, and her brutal and senseless murder at the hands of another teen while enjoying a daytime party.


Little 13-year-old Carrie Ann Jopek was just 13 in 1982 when she got sent home from school for wandering the halls without a pass. It was suspected that she did this to attend a party at her best friend’s house. I still don’t know why a 13-year-old was throwing a house party at 1 in the afternoon on a school day, but here we are.

Nevertheless, at this party, she met a boy. This boy would be the last person she would ever get to meet, as he thought it was a good idea to toss her down a flight of stairs, breaking her neck and ultimately killing her. This boy somehow buried her body under the deck during the house party — which might I remind you, took place during the day.

It wasn’t until 17 months later that she was discovered.

Now, I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s a pretty brutal case, especially when you take into account what the boy did after she fell down the stairs. I’ve left out some details which are only available in the episode. So you’ll just have to listen.

Beyond that, there are so many questions that were never really answered, even after a confession 33 years after the murder took place. Yes, it took 33 years for this case to be resolved.



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