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On this episode of the Ominous Origins podcast, we head to Iceland to seek out the hidden mysteries of the Huldofolk.

We’re moving from naughty angels to mischievous elves. If you saw “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”, this week’s topic may strike a familiar chord. That’s because we’ll be discussing the Huldufolk of Icelandic folklore.


So let’s play a game. It involves you, me, nature, and hidden elves who live in rocks in Iceland. I’m serious, the Huldufolk are a crafty little piece of Icelandic folklore. So you know what that means: me mispronouncing the shit out of every name I come across. But beyond that, anybody who’s listened to this podcast for any length of time will know that I have a fondness for fairies and folklore of that nature, and the Huldufolk are no exception.

As recent as the mid-2000s, many people in Iceland believe in the creatures in some way, as recorded by a BBC poll. In fact, that poll showed that about 60% of people believed in them, which is pretty outstanding. Like many elves and fairies, they’re mischievous little buggers who like to play tricks, or even harm those who disturb them or their habitats. People have reported that little stone structures or rock formations form in their gardens, and when they mess around with them, bad luck seems to befall them. Coincidence? Sure. Huldufolk? Almost certainly.

Fairies aren’t exclusive to Iceland, and neither are elves. If you look close enough in your hiking trails or conservation areas, you might just spot a little friend — if they deem you worthy.


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