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It’s our first episode of 2020, and we’re proud to introduce our new brand for the podcast; we also explore a real life murder mystery (14 min) (1.4.20).

Ominous Origins

As I mentioned in the last episode, Horror Shots, the Podcast is getting a makeover, and this is it! Welcome to the Ominous Origins Podcast! A brand new season kicks off today, with the same compelling content you’ve come to expect from me here at Horror Shots. I also mentioned that Horror Shots won’t be going anywhere. The brand still is alive and well, and as you can see from the RSS feed, it’s still under the Horror Shots banner. I will be expanding Horror Shots in the future to include more great horror content, from clothing and designs to photography and short videos. Just, be patient.

I really do hope you enjoy the new design and name (it rolls off the tongue a little bit better), and I hope you’re as excited for the future as I am. If you would like to show your pride, check out my Redbubble store for some some designs, including the new logo for sale on a variety of things!


Lake Lanier

Along with our exciting new show branding,  I’d like to mix things up by throwing in some more real life dark history into the lineup. Most shows will still be in the supernatural vein, but I would like to expand on more natural horrors as well, such as the topic of today’s podcast.

A little while back, when we stopped off in Georgia for our tour of the Eerie USA, we talked about the cursed Lake Lanier. But there was one aspect that stuck with me: the unsolved murder of local teen, Hannah Truelove. Her story is a startling one, and one that was never fully resolved. I felt compelled to look into her story more and see what I can find. And what I found was chilling.

To discover more about this haunting real life horror story, be sure to tune into this week’s episode.

Note: If you want to catch up on previous episodes, you can find them all at

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