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Lake Lanier

We return to our tour of the Eerie USA to explore a potentially cursed lake in Georgia with a sordid history and a lot of mystery (23 min) (11.15.19).


We are back with our tour of the Eerie USA this week after a little pit stop last week. Today we’re going to be looking at the State of Georgia. After trolling for the creepiest urban legends, I found a whopper of one. We’re talking about Lake Lanier, the man-made reservoir that sprawls an enormous distance and has been plagued with issues from day one.

From trouble funding the project to having various states squabbling over the use of it, everything about this lake has just seemed to be cursed. But they would eventually get worse. After moving over 250 families, several cemeteries and their corpses (which, you know, is never a bad idea…), and essentially burying entire towns, strange things began to happen.

Lake Lanier

An extraordinary amount of people have either gone missing, drown, or even died in other ways (I’m looking at you murder) in and around Lake Lanier.

Is the lake actually cursed?

Or is it just such popular place for people to visit that the locale is home to more accidents and deaths simply because of said number of visits?

These are all questions I’ll hope to answer in one way or another, and you’ll have to listen to the cast to get them!

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