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This week on the podcast, join Chaos and Carnage as they explore the nightmarishly beautiful world of Dario Argento’s haunting 1980 film “Inferno”.




Before Tenebrae, beyond Suspiria, there is… this podcast.

On last week’s episode, we discussed the the convoluted psychological thriller from 2011, Dream House, as selected by Carnage.

This week on They Mostly Podcast at Night, Chaos and Carnage revisit Dario Argento’s Suspiria universe with the follow up, Inferno (1980). Before the episode is through, Carnage will threaten Chaos with retaliation for picking this movie multiple times.

“Chaos picked a film that gave Carnage nightmares, so Carnage killed Chaos. The End.” – Carnage’s one sentence reviews.

During this episode, we talk about how to take your podcast viral by murdering a cohost, subtext and Carnage’s apparent disinterest in it, alchemists and architects, and all the love for small details in this movie.

Three evil sisters rule the world with sorrow, tears and darkness. Each have separate homes an alchemist designed and built for them, and each have the secret to identify which sister lives there buried somewhere within the mansion’s depths. Three girls begin journeys to discover the name of the mother in their New York apartment, but the mothers don’t take kindly to prying neighbors…

Join us for all that and how this movie became the first horror movie to give Carnage nightmares. And get ready for next week, when Carnage gets her revenge with The Rage: Carrie 2!

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