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Dream House

This week, Chaos and Carnage celebrate Carnage’s birthday in madcap style with special guest Maverick and a discussion of the incomprehensible “Dream House”.

Dream House



On last week’s episode, we discussed the 1981 horror classic The Evil Dead, as selected by Chaos.

This week on “They Mostly Podcast at Night” with Chaos and Carnage, a constant gardener bonds with a license to kill when they move with their daughters into their Dream House (2011). Join Chaos, Carnage and special guest Maverick for confusing plots, twists that fail to turn, and more shenanigans in honor of Carnage’s birthday!

That’s right, this is a BIRTHDAY SPECIAL for our dear Carnage! Naturally this means that Chaos is ready to share bits of a 3 hour ballad entitled, ‘Carnage, I Hate You Forever (#MarianasTrenchOfHate),’ and Maverick has taken up the banjo in order to play backup. We do some reflecting on friendship throughout the course of the episode (which for this podcast means we rip on each other good).

Dream House

There’s even a confusing movie to talk about. Though, admittedly, we spend more time complaining about it than trying to figure out the plot this week.

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz hooked up and made a movie, and Naomi Watts even helped! We’re not sure why. But in this psychological thriller, they’re married, and they have two daughters. They move into a cool old house by the woods. Everything seems like a dream come true…and then things go awry!

Strange events happening around and in their new home prompt Will Atenton (Daniel Craig) to look into a murder that happened in his house five years ago. Everyone in the community seems wary and unwilling to help him. But it’s for a much worse reason than he imagines. SPOILERS AHEAD in the episode!

Dream House

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