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Ragamuffpins releases a stunning, 7-piece pin set inspired by Universal Monsters, in their popular “Creepy Cute” style — now on Kickstarter

We’ve been huge fans and supporters of Ragamuffpins since the company started in 2015. This incredible husband and wife team out of Texas (located in San Antonio, just down the road from our hometown of Austin, Texas), opened shop about a year and a ½ ago — right around the same time we launched this website.

Joseph handles all the business aspects of the company, while Jess (aka Jessadore) is the artist and mastermind behind all the designs. It’s been amazing watching them grow and really find a niche for themselves in the highly competitive pin and horror merchandise market.


Joseph and Jess, Ragamuffpins

I attribute their well-deserved success to two very important factors. First, these are truly incredible people who care about their customers and value every single person who helps support their growing business. They’ve been an amazing friend to Morbidly Beautiful, and we are so honored to introduce others to this small company with a big heart. Second, Jessadore is an incredibly talented artist. She’s got a wonderfully unique style that helps her products easily stand out from the crowd. Each piece is infused with so much passion and personality — becoming wearable works of art.

As her  business has grown, she’s become known for her distinctive “Creepy Cute” style, which we could not love more.

Ragamuffpins Creepy Cute Killers

The CREEPY CUTE family started with an adorable tribute to beloved slasher icons, including a pin set featuring Freddy, Michael Myers, Jason, Leatherface and Pennywise. Based on the overwhelming popularity, Ghostface and Sam soon followed. And the popular characters have made their way to art prints, shirts, and even a killer new dress for women and girls.

When Ragamuffpins announced on Instagram that they were planning to release a Universal Monsters line in their famous Creepy Cute style, we could barely contain our excitement. The new pin set features seven 1” shiny pins and includes all your favorite Monsters, including Frankie, Bride of Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, The Mummy, Dracula, Wolfman, and The Creature.

Ragamuffpins Creepy Cute Universal Monsters

In true Ragamuffpins style, the couple have launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to make the debut pin set more affordable for their fans. The campaign allows them to release the full set at one time, helping lower the price per pin and significantly cut down on shipping costs for buyers.

Through the campaign, fans have a variety of purchasing options, including the ability to snag two exclusive glitter and glow-in-the-dark variants of the full set, exclusive to the campaign. If you’re prefer, you even have the option to purchase a single pin from the set for just $7…or grab a low cost pack of 3. You can also score a signed poster featuring the Creepy Cute Universal Monsters, as well as an exclusive one-of-a-kind original art piece featuring the monster of your choice.

The campaign runs through June 29, 2017. This is an incredible opportunity for anyone who loves Universal Monsters as much as we do to pick up a truly special set of classic horror pins for a great price, while helping support very worthy small business talent.  Click here to visit the campaign page. 

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