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Writer/director Josh Hasty has assembled a prodigious group of horror icons and scripted them a stunningly macabre ‘80s style slasher with “Candy Corn”.

Candy Corn is a special treat in more ways than one. Boasting a terrific story and superb practical effects, it will be a Halloween night you won’t soon forget. Not for the faint of heart, this homage to slasher films is gory, shocking and has some of the most uniquely gruesome kills ever seen on screen!

Candy Corn is one of those films that was talked for a long time and had may people waiting on the edge of their seats for, including me. I chatted with genre star Courtney Gains two years ago about it being in the works.

Then this past March, I interviewed writer/director Josh Hasty along with cast member Scream Queen PJ Soles. I have been excited about the release ever since!

Synopsis: It’s Halloween weekend and a group of bullies are planning their annual hazing on local outcast, Jacob Atkins. When they take things too far, things get ugly in the sleepy little town of Grove Hill.

My heart always goes out to people who get bullied. In Candy Corn, Jacob Atkins (Nate Chaney) is just such a person, and I had to grit my teeth listening to three bullies discuss what they were going to do to the poor guy. Sadly, tormenting Jacob was their twisted tradition every year on Halloween.

Mike, (Jimothy Beckholt) the ringleader and the sheriff’s son is a total asshole, and it’s impossible to not dislike him from the very first time he speaks. Steve (Cy Creamer) seems a little bit nicer, and has a cute girlfriend named Carol (Madison Russ). The last member of the group is Bobby (Caleb Thomas), and he is more reluctant to join in on the cruelties. But of course, he goes along anyway.

On their way out, local diner owner Gus (Sy Elobar) begs to join them, since he’s a twisted creep anyway, and they get moving on their terrible plan.

A traveling carnival is in town, and Jacob has been hired to work there.

Dr. Death’s Sideshow Spook House Spectacular, run by Dr. Death himself (Poncho Moler), is a dark show full of “freaks” (I would call them super cool, but that’s just me). Town outcast Jacob fits right in.

Mike, Steve, Bobby and Gus visit the carnival and go backstage for their annual hazing of Jacob. Things don’t go as planned when the normally shy Jacob becomes more confident and fights back. When they accidentally kill Jacob, they all run away like the scared losers they are, leaving his body for the other carnies to find.

When Dr. Death, along with other carnies Bishop Gate (Tony Todd) and Mongo (Aaron Lewis), Dr. Death decides to take Jacob’s revenge into his own hands and performs a voodoo type ceremony to reanimate Jacob’s corpse. Wearing a super creepy mask, Jacob, or what is left of him, goes after the people who destroyed his life.

Sheriff Sam Bramford (Courtney Gains) has his hands filled this awful Halloween night.

Even though he was warned that his son and friends may have killed Jacob, he doesn’t see how serious the stakes really are — especially since Dr. Death tells him that Jacob is still alive.

As the day goes on, the hapless sheriff goes from call to call finding death and destruction everywhere. I thought Courtney did an excellent job as the sheriff, and it was so great to see him and PJ Soles, who plays Marcy Taylor his dispatcher, back in horror action again.

I adored Candy Corn!

Nothing about this film is super unique, being such a love-letter to the ‘80s. So why did it work so well?

One thing is how well they captured the ‘80s vibe without being campy or cheesy. The cinematography was superb, and I could almost feel the chilly autumn weather in all the beautiful fall shots.

Reminding me of John Carpenter’s classic, Halloween, there were vintage paper Halloween decorations everywhere. I wanted them all — they were so cool and retro.

Another reason it worked is the incredibly creative kills.

I have seen it all, and these gruesome and very bloody kills were AMAZING! I cheered for many of them. If you are gonna get revenge, well, get it good! The SFX team that included Justin Mabry accomplished practical effects that blew my mind. The mask worn by Jacob is bound to be a Halloween favorite starting next fall.

Lastly, CANDY CORN featured a reunion of some of my favorite horror icons. Courtney Gains, PJ Soles, Tony Todd, and Pancho Moler did not disappoint, and everyone had their acting chops down. The entire cast was perfection, and I loved every candy corn and blood-soaked minute of the film!

As Dr. Death asked his audience, “Welcome to the grisliest show on earth… are you ready to scream?” Well, get ready, Candy Corn is on its way!

Candy Corn is a brutal and blood-soaked ‘80s style slasher.

I enjoyed seeing many of my genre favorites star in it — many who I have met. I felt like I was watching a big group of my friends in a film. Luckily, they were all terrific, and Candy Corn is the gore-filled Halloween treat I was waiting for.



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