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With some movies, you just have to be willing to sit back and enjoy the ride — and “The Retaliators” (2021) is one hell of a trip.

There are many ways we critics can go about reviewing movies.

There’s the kind of review where we dig up as much information about the cast and crew as possible and name-drop to our hearts’ content, either praising or bashing their contributions to the film. Then there’s the retrospective where we compare the film to others like it throughout history. There’s also the critical analysis method which focuses on the pros and cons of several aspects of production, from the soundtrack to the cinematography and beyond.

Finally, there’s the rarest kind in which we’re not really on any specific mission except to enjoy the hell out of the movie (whether I love or hate a movie, I still enjoy myself ).

It’s this last kind that I strive to do with newer films, especially those with a 100% Fresh r