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For horror fans who’ve been left bereft of ‘torture porn’ since the closing scenes of Saw: The Final Chapter in 2010, they can rejoice with the news that the SAW franchise is expected to make its bloody return this Halloween.

The upcoming movie is expected to be called Saw: Legacy and will look to reacquaint us with the unsavory likes of Jigsaw, who will be dug out of his grave to wreak havoc and cause no end of pain for his unfortunate victims. Although details about the next SAW movie are still pretty sketchy, there have already been a few interesting leaks on the internet that suggest that this could be a real return to form for the franchise.

As well as an interesting picture on Instagram showing a recently dug grave, it’s expected that the acclaimed Spierig Brothers will be on board to direct the movie. This is great news as the Australian directors did an impressive job on the sci-fi thriller Predestination, and it’s hoped they can bring a bit of class to the SAW franchise.

Stakes are particularly high this go around as the production company, Lionsgate, had originally planned to pull the plug on the franchise after Saw VI performed poorly at the box office. But with other supposedly horror titles like Boogie Monsters slot machine at Lucky Nugget Casino being ever popular, it’s clear that the SAW franchise could still prove to be a dependable source of income.

And this is why several core cast members have been quick to sign up to Saw: Legacy. As well as Tobin Bell making a return to the much-loved John Kramer character, we can expect to see John Cor reprising the Ryan character who appeared in the last SAW movie.

But it looks like there may be a few details that suggest that Saw: Legacy could also be a fresh start for the franchise. This is because the acclaimed music director Charlie Clouser has stated that he wants to re-imagine how the score is written with starker and bolder instrumentation, really helping to ramp up the horror.

So whilst there is still much to learn about the upcoming Saw: Legacy movie, it looks like we can expect it to be the biggest film in the franchise yet. And it could even hopefully one day have its very own themed slot game, too!

Written by Leah Alderson

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