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Rick and Nik take a break from their scary campfire tales to reminisce with an old friend about another 90s Nick phenomenon, Doug.

Rick and Nik pull out their Journals and invite over a special guest David Cairo to discuss the hit NickToon, Doug!  Join them on a trip to FunkyTown as they talk all things Halloween in Bluffington.


Join filmmakers Richard Tanner and Nik Uttam as they look back fondly on every episode of the hit 90s show from Nickelodeon that influenced so many young horror fans: ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? And this week, the boys take a special detour with another 90s Nick essential, DOUG!

Richard Tanner is an award-winning writer, director, and regular Morbidly Beautiful contributor. He is also the owner of A Buck Short Productions. Nik Uttam is a filmmaker and podcaster that has seen every movie from the 80s…twice. He is an editor and cinematographer who started the company Reel Independent Productions to get a better reach into the horror world.

This week, we also welcome a very special guest, David Cairo, the star of FrankenThug and life-long friend to Richard Tanner.

Follow Rick and Nik every Thursday right here on as they join The Midnight Society for thrills and chills that will warm your heart and make your blood run cold! 

The Campfire Special: Doug’s Halloween Adventure and Doug’s Nightmare on Jumbo Street (27 min)

Gather round campers and take a seat on the Big Orange Couch this week to hear the first Campfire Special!  Rick, Nik and special guest David take on Doug’s Halloween Adventure (Season 4, Episode 4: Original Air Date: October 31st, 1993) and Doug’s Nightmare on Jumbo Street  (Season 3, Episode 10 Original Air Date: June 20, 1993).

In Doug’s Halloween Adventure, Doug and Skeeter hear about a new ride at Funky Town called the “Threshold of Death.” Doug wants one last Halloween filled with a safe night of trick or treating but they are in for more than just a thrill ride when it comes to facing their fears and town bully, Roger.

Richard and David remember their childhood together and watching this episode on an old school big screen box tv and help Nik with the traumatic memories of only getting to ride his bike in circles in his driveway (it’s sadder and funnier than it sounds).

In Doug’s Nightmare on Jumbo Street, Doug experiences nightmares after watching a cheesy horror movie called “The Abnormal”.

The Campfire Counselors (that’s what I’m calling us from now on, deal with it) skim the episode and talk about the first horror films they saw in theater and ones that haunt their nightmares to this day…even if they don’t actually live on Jumbo Street.

Join us on our first special (and David’s first podcast ever) as we deal with getting old, childhood fears and the fact that none of us won that Nickelodeon Room Makeover.  

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