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We chat with writer, YouTuber, filmmaker, and fountain of horror knowledge Josh Spiegel about his many projects and passion for the genre.

Welcome horror writer and creator of the YouTube channel Movie Timelines, Josh Spiegel. We chat with Josh about his books, the rewards and challenges of running his YouTube channel, living in “Haddonfield” and going to horror movie trivia, making The Last Amityville Movie, and more.

Josh is a lifelong, obsessed horror fan. His passion for the genre is evident in any of his well-researched and fascinating episodes on his “Movie Timelines” show on YouTube.

He wrote and directed The Last Amityville Movie (currently streaming on Tubi), which is about a horror YouTuber who finds himself trapped in a horror film. A package from Long Island seems to drive him mad. Can he use his knowledge of horror films to survive, or will he be the next victim?

He’s also a published author who wrote Timelines of Terror: The Fractured Continuities of Horror Film Sequels.

In this highly-rated, well-reviewed compendium, Josh uses his extensive knowledge honed on his YouTube show to take a deep dive into some of the most beloved horror franchises and their often bewildering timelines that often spin out of control after numerous sequels and spinoffs.

For example, How did Friday the 13th begin as a movie about a grieving mother killing camp counselors and eventually spawn a sequel in which a nanobot-enhanced, hockey-masked man destroys a space station? Similarly, how did A Nightmare on Elm Street evolve from a film by Wes Craven about Freddy Krueger into a film about Wes Craven making a Freddy Krueger movie?

Film series are destined to change with time, but horror film series are often unrecognizable after multiple sequels and reboots. This insightful work examines horror films and their sequels to determine the glue that holds individual franchises together, which films matter to a series’ continuity, which should be considered canon, and what goes into the process of continuing — or, in some cases, abandoning — the overarching storyline.


The Chamber

Morbidly Beautiful presents a horror interview podcast hosted by Brodie Hubbard. You have entered The Chamber. A former video store clerk with a rabid love of horror, Hubbard is a writer living beneath the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. He is a scholar of cult faves, weird pop culture, and horror. In addition to hosting his interview podcast on the Morbidly Beautiful network, he also hosts the movie review and travelogue series VIDEO OF THE DAMNED on the Morbidly Beautiful YouTube channel.

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Besides following the Morbidly Beautiful network online and specifically on YouTube, where we host his series VIDEO OF THE DAMNED and the video versions of THE CHAMBER, you can find Brodie and his work at @brodiehubbard on your usual platforms, or just go to

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