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CHAPTER FIVE (Go to first chapter in serial)

Veronica hovered over me, “It’s not even a real site. It looks like we can buy it for ten bucks!”

“It’s real. This is a skin. My friend told me we need to type the word onion three times on the site and it unleashes a whole new web.” I explained.

“You do understand this is absolutely ridiculous, right?”

“Shhh. Help me.” I scanned the page for the spot and typed “onion” three times. The screen flashed black and red and we were in.


“Great, now my phone will be hacked, too.” Veronica yelled.

“Stop. I can’t go to the police. Just- STOP! Let me see what’s in here and if it’ll help.” I skimmed through what seemed to be women chained in a dank basement, some pornographic images, and then I screamed. “OH MY GOD. MY PICTURES ARE HERE!”

“Give me that!” Veronica grabbed the phone. “Holy crap on a cracker. What the frack is this?” Tears flowed quickly down Veronica’s face as the reality set in. “There’s three girls here. Chained. Alive. You don’t think those are the killer’s missing three, do you?”

I curled up into fetal position on my bed and rocked; a coping mechanism I practiced since kindergarten. “This is not the time for you to break down. We HAVE to go to the police with this.”

Still rocking, I whispered, “Fine.” My phone rang: private caller. I put it on speaker so Veronica could hear.

“You see the girls? They’ll be dead girls if you go to the police. Don’t make any sudden decisions. You’re next.” He cackled. “What a Christmas present this is to me. Having Veronica there will make the game so much more fun!” I clicked on the red button to end the call.

“How did he know I was here?”

“We’re being watched somehow.” A picture message popped up on my screen; on it was me, on the bed, with Veronica standing over me. Red ink pooled around our bodies. “And he just sent us another message.”

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