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CHAPTER TWO (Go to first chapter in serial)

“Veronica, I need you to come here. NOW!” I cried into the phone.

“Are you okay?” She still slurped, which on a normal occasion, would have made my skin crawl; now it was comforting. “Is it- you know?”

“Just come!” I hung up the phone and paced around my room. While I waited, I checked every corner of my space to see if I could find cameras, recorders, anything. I came up empty handed. I scrolled through the gallery again, shaking as the pictures popped up: one of me in my fetal position, one of me sprawled out across the bed, even one mid walk to the bathroom.

“WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?” I yelled to no one. Or someone. I didn’t know.

I opened my laptop to e-mail Roy. I was hesitant to touch the phone; it was tainted and scared me as if it was a living, breathing entity.

Pulling up the email tab, I started:


I need you. Something is happening and I don’t want to call the police. You know why. I didn’t want to call you and I’ll explain everything once I see you but we need to talk as soon as possible. I know I said I’d never talk to you again but please. This is really a matter of life and death.


It was only seconds after hitting SEND that I received a “failure to deliver” notice. Roy must have changed his email; and he didn’t tell me. CRAP! WHY DIDN’T HE TELL ME?

As I thought about my options, a new window popped up: a sad clown played a violin as writing scrolled across the screen:

Hello you. It’s been a bit.
You know me. Now don’t have a fit.
Did you like the pictures I took of you?
You slept so soundly, like a baby new.
The Gallery is filled but not for long.
The ladies are here singing our song.
The murders are me. Police have no clue.
Don’t try to flee. I WILL find you.

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