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CHAPTER FOUR (Go to first chapter in serial)

“I came as fast as I could. Look what I found on the way here.” Veronica tossed The Daily Post my way. The headline read “LETTER TO THE GALLERY KILLER”

“I can’t even read this right now.” I whispered.

“The Gallery Killer is in your town. I just thought you’d be interested. So, what’s going on?”

“What’s going on is my phone and computer were hacked with really disturbing messages. I tried emailing Roy and it got sent back. He changed his information. I don’t know what to do.” I was shivering despite the humidity in the air.

“Okay, first thing is to sit down and I’ll make some tea. Secondly, what kind of disturbing things?” Veronica started to boil the water. I sat at the edge of my bed.

“A voice call came in telling me to check my photo gallery on my phone. I just thought it was some prank but there are 100 pictures of me sleeping. Then I opened my computer—”

“WAIT! There’s a lunatic running around who just happens to be dubbed THE GALLERY KILLER and someone called you about your photo gallery which has photos of you sleeping? And why aren’t we headed to the police with this?” Veronica was now in a panic.

“The incident with Roy. I don’t want the police to think it’s him. It was a horrible fight that turned bad and I should never have pressed those charges. If I call in now, Roy will be the first suspect.”

“Little sis, you are just as crazy as the killer. What happened on the computer?” Veronica was now sitting on the edge of the bed with me, with some distance between us. I explained what happened and she shook her head from side to side. “Listen to me,” the tea kettle started to whistle, “you need to get your ass down to the police station with your phone and your computer, like, NOW!” She shouted as she tended to the tea.

“Not yet. I need your phone to look up stuff.” I said, rummaging through her purse.

“Are you insane? What kind of stuff do you want to look up?”

“A friend at work told me about this underground website. It has all sorts of perverted men on it, posting pictures of rape, death, and all that fun stuff. They’re hackers but criminal hackers who love to taunt women. I didn’t even think twice when we spoke about it but now–” I told her as the internet on the phone loaded.

“What’s the name of the site?” She asked with hesitation in her voice.

I looked up at her, tears streaming down my face, “TheGallery.Net”

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