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CHAPTER SIX (Go to first chapter in serial)

“Shut up or I’ll make you shut up!” I stopped screaming. I didn’t want the other girls to catch his anger because of me. Even though I’m blindfolded, the horrific terror I heard when he cut off Dana’s pinky toe- I’ll never forget it, if I have the chance to live that long to want to forget it.

“All right, listen up ladies. Here’s the deal. My ex and her sister are watching us. They can’t hear you scream so don’t even try it. I rigged her apartment up something good. If things go my way, they’ll both be joining you this evening. How does that sound? New friends? What do you think?”

No one moved. “WHAT DO YOU THINK?” He shouted. We all whimpered and said yes dutifully.

“How about you, precious?” He kicked my bruised leg.

“New friends are good.” I worked hard to get those words out without tears. He didn’t like tears.

“I’m glad you think so. Because you’re going to be the one to help me get them.”

“I don’t– how can I help?” I knew disagreeing would cause a loss of one of my toes, or worse. But I didn’t want to bring any more victims to this dank and bloody chamber of horror.

“Well, precious. I’m glad you asked. See, you’re pretty and sweet. I’m going to get you some new clothes. Let you put on some make-up. You’re going to go to the apartment.” He cackled. “If you try to escape, I’ll find you and the two other dodo birds here will die. Anyway, you will ring her bell, tell her you’re an ex of Roy and you need to speak to her. She’ll let you in. She’s scared and she’s been trying to reach me. She’ll let you in, yes she will.”

“Okay.” The word barely made it out of my lips before he smacked me. The metal taste in my mouth told me I was bleeding. Again.

“I need a little something more concrete than an okay.” Suddenly, the strong, CEO, mother of two, woman I was a few weeks ago came out.

“I’ll help you. If you let the other two women go. You need me. If you kill them, you’ll have to kill me.”

“Ahhhh, we got a negotiator in our midst. All right. I see how you want to play this.” He smacked me again; more blood. “I just need my ex. The rest of you was just practice. I’ll take your deal but they ain’t leaving till you get my girl.”

“They leave when I leave.” The last thing I felt was a sharp object hit me in the head before I blacked out.


The doorbell rang. Veronica jumped. “Who the hell could that be?”

I went to the door and pressed the volume button, “Who is it?”

A muffled voice came through the receiver, “I’m an ex of Roy. It’s important that we talk.”

Veronica looked at me and I shrugged. I buzzed her in.

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