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Stephen King

This week, we honor the undisputed King of Horror and countdown the ten best Stephen King film adaptations from the beloved and prolific author.

Hello ghoulies and goblins. Welcome back to Morbidly Beautiful, the best horror website around! I’m Miss J, and I will be your entertainer for this evening…or morning? I hope you’re deep into the Halloween spirit and that you have kept up with our 31 Days of Horror list. If not, that’s okay, because I’ve missed a couple of days too. Just don’t tell the boss, alright?

Anyways, this week I wanted to celebrate the amazing trailer for the new Pet Sematary. I am truly excited for this movie, and it looks as amazing as the 2017 IT remake. Now, I’ve never claimed to be a big Stephen King book fan, but I cannot deny that the man is a mastermind of horror. I’ve enjoyed some of his work, but a lot has been a miss with me.

However, his movies that are based from his books usually always turn out great and end up as cult classics. Here’s a list of the ten best film adaptations of his horror books. 

10.  Dreamcatcher (2003)

“This is our twentieth year coming out here to ‘Hole In The Wall’, and fuck me Freddy, here’s to twenty more.”

This movie is technically labeled as a thriller, but the imagery in some scenes are quite frightening and graphic. Dreamcatcher is about a group of men who have been friends since childhood. They get together once a year in the same spot to celebrate the life of a friend. Unfortunately for them, their campsite has been turned into an alien quarantine, and they will have to use their psychic abilities to make it out alive.

The characters come from a town called Derry Maine, which is a fictional place that Stephen created and is also the setting for his novel and film IT.  Stephen King sold the movie rights for this movie for a high price of $1. There’s no explanation behind this, but it could be because Screenplay writer William Goldman also wrote the scripts for Misery and Hearts of Atlantis.

Stephen King wrote the book in long hand while recovering from a near fatal car accident. He decided to use it as inspiration for a very graphic scene in the book where a main character is chased down by a vehicle. The movie stars many familiar actors such as Morgan Freeman, Jason Lee, Timothy Olyphant, Donny Wahlberg and Thomas Jane; who took the role after his mom, who is a huge fan of the king, insisted that he take the role. Thomas also went on to be in Stephen’s The Mist and 1922. I guess you’ll have to keep reading to see if either of those films made the list!

9.  Secret Window (2004)

“I’m sure that in time, every bit of her will be gone and her death will be a mystery… even to me.”

This is my all time favorite Stephen King film, but I understand it wasn’t wildly loved by all. However, Johnny Depp as Mort Rainey is my spirit animal. Johnny Depp and John Turturro play enemies who believe each one has plagiarized the other’s work. When Mort fails to play Mr. Shooter’s games, Mort’s almost Ex wife could be in danger.

This movie is suspenseful and has an incredible twisted ending that you won’t see coming. John Turturro took on the role as the farmer from Mississippi because his son was a massive fan of Stephen King! “Secret window, Secret garden” is the name of the novella, and it appears in Stephen’s collection of stories in “Four Past Midnight”.

8.  1922 (2017)

“I believe that there’s another man… inside of every man. A stranger. A conniving man.”

This Netflix original is a must see movie and the second Stephen King adaptation following Gerald’s Game. This is the last will and testament of Wilfred James, and he will tell the story of how in the middle of the night he murdered his wife — she’s haunted and punished him ever since. 1922 is the third movie that Thomas Jane has starred in, Dreamcatcher being the first and The Mist (which we still have yet to find out if it’s made the list or will simply be an honorable mention).

7.  Carrie (1976)

“They’re all going to laugh at you!!”

This is the first movie to be on the list that I’ve recently read the book for. I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed the book. Like I’ve mentioned previously, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with The King’s writing. Sometimes they are masterpieces and sometimes it’s just toilet paper material. I was actually surprised that the book was so different from the movies. It’s more of an interview and investigation constructed novel based on the events of prom night and any strange occurrences surrounding Carrie White.

I decided to go with the original version over the remake because Sissy’s adaptation of Carrie White is more authentic, even though the 2013 remake is fantastic and visually stunning, Chloe’s performance just isn’t as captivating. This was Stephen’s first novel, and he was paid $2,500 for the movie rights to Carrie. The success of Carrie at the box-office really paved the way for Stephen as a horror writer, and he was actually happy with the way the film turned out.

Though Sissy was 25 years old and playing a seventeen year old high school student, she pulled it off fantastically and dedicated herself to the character by cutting herself off from the rest of the cast and surrounding herself with religious artifacts. The ending of the movie is different from the book…I won’t spoil it for you! You’re going to have to read the book yourself to find out what happens.

6.  1408 (2007)