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Helping horror fans make the most of the long, hot Summer months (2 of 2)

In Part One of our guide to Surviving the Summer for horror fans, we brought you five of our favorite ways to keep your cool while you patiently wait for the return of Fall and Halloween season. Now, here are five more things you can do to celebrate your love of Horror this season.

6. Break Out Those Short-Sleeved Horror Tees

Horror Shirts

Short sleeve t- shirts are made to be worn, regardless of the color, when long sleeve shirts are less appropriate (like when it’s 100 degrees outside). Even if your collection consists of nothing but black tees (like most of us), now is the time to sizzle in style. So, while those black horror t-shirts from Rotten Cotton, November Fire, Terror Threads, Fright-Rags and Sleep Terror Clothing (I could keep going) might heat up in the summer sun, now is the time to bare arms and proudly display your love of the genre to all those frolicking sun worshippers.

7. Go Searching for Dead Things (Fossil Hunting)

I recently wrote an article exploring my passion for fossils, fossil hunting and how it connects with my other passion — horror. As I explained, fossil hunting is something that is both educational and fun (yes, for the whole family). It’s something that allows you to go back in time and make like a paleontologist (or grave robber), digging up long dead, ancient creatures who once ruled this earth. Sounds Lovecraftian right? Because it is! Which means it’s a perfect activity for horror fans to partake in and why it makes this list.

8. Have a Campout and Share Scary Stories

As previously mentioned in Part One of this article, many an outdoorsy horror fan will take to the woods this summer with friends or family. This means the pitching of tents, the building of fires, the roasting of marshmallows…and getting creeped out by weird sounds in the night and the sharing scary stories. It’s a long tradition spanning the time from when we as a species first learned to make fire, all the way into the present day. So why not carry it on? You really have no excuse not to indulge if you’re a horror fan. And it’s a great way to take your mind off the mosquitos and the thick coating of Deet soaking your itchy, sun sore body.

9. Get Ready for Halloween

Here’s the one you were waiting for! If you’re a horror fan, Halloween is your second Christmas (or your substitute for Christmas). Either way, it’s a VERY big deal. That means, if you’re going to have the most killer costume, the biggest and scariest yard haunt, or the most epic Halloween party, you’ll want to get started now!

10. Stay Spooky

All these great tips aside, you could also just embrace the notion that, for us, every day is Halloween. Use the fact that you’re a kooky, spooky horror fan who bursts into flames when you come in contact with sun light as an excuse to stay inside and do what you normally do. Chances are, if you’re reading this article, horror is an all-consuming part of your life and personality. That means your family and friends are well aware of your passion for the genre and would most likely be understanding if you pulled this card on occasion. Just don’t do it too much or they might kidnap you and tie you to the top of their minivan to roast while they play bocce and sip ice tea.

Enjoy the summer dear Horror fans! Our favorite time of year will be here before you know it. 

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