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News has been hitting the interwebs that Conrad Vernon (co-director of Sausage Party) has been locked down to do a remake of the Troma cult classic THE TOXIC AVENGER, according to Deadline. Per the site, apparently the story they’re pursuing is “…more grounded and mainstream.”

Vernon tells the site, “The opportunity to re-imagine a favorite cult-classic from my high school years is an honor. Toxie is an underground icon. My favorite kind.”


The film will be produced at Storyscape Entertainment, with Richard Saperstein producing alongside Akiva Goldsman’s Weed Road and Charlie Corwin. The original script is being rewritten by Mike Arnold and Chris Poole, who are known for their work on the FX animated series “Archer”.

Troma co-founders Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz are serving as executive producers on the film.

In the original film, 90 lb weakling, Melvin, accidentally falls into a canister of toxic waste turning him into the mutant superhero, The Toxic Avenger.


No word yet if this will be a Hard R Rated film or family friendly PG-13 (similar to the 90s Fox Kids cartoon).

We will keep you updated with more information as it becomes available.

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