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“Let Her Out” is an intense and powerful film about paranoia that is criminally under looked and underappreciated — one of the best films you haven’t seen.

Let Her Out

Vanishing Twin syndrome, as the 2017 psychological thriller explains, is when a woman is pregnant with twins, but one dies in utero and is absorbed into the remaining healthy twin.  In Let Her Out, the main character Helen is the surviving twin who is unaware of her vanishing twin until she suffers head trauma and begins to experience bizarre side effects, as the dead twins’ cells are awakened and begin to grow in her mind.

Yeah, this is an insane premise which makes for an insane movie that explores ideas of paranoia, schizophrenia and dealing with one’s past in a most unique way.

The movie opens with a prostitute working in room 2 of the sleazy Gemini Hotel, who is one night raped by a mysterious figure on black.  Flash forward a few months, and she is very pregnant and out of desperation takes her own life in a very graphic scene.  Flash forward 22 years, and we are introduced to bike currier and surviving daughter Helen who is celebrating her birthday at the perfectly named Gemini Hotel.

While leaving on her bike, she is hit by a car and suffers a broken arm and sever head trauma. And this is where shit gets weird.

Shortly after leaving the hospital, Helen begins experiencing hallucinations, hearing voices and black outs where she wakes up dirty, lost and sometimes bloody. After one particular blackout where Helen awakens covered in blood with a giant shard of glass in her foot, which she removes in a particularly gross scene, she goes to her doctor. This is where she learns about the vanishing twin syndrome and gets scheduled to have the growth removed in 3 days.

That’s all Helen needs to survive without going insane — just 3 days. Can she?  Or will the evil twin inside of her destroy her life before then?

This film gross and nasty! 

From the gross scene with Helen removing the glass from the gaping wound in her foot, to puking up giant locks of hair, ripping off her cast, pulling out her stitches, and pulling a finger from the gaping wound — this film has tons of scenes that will make the weak-stomached horror viewers run for the hills.

With each bloody blackout, the evil twin gets stronger and stronger, each time leaving a message in blood for Helen: “I’m Coming.”  With each moment the films lurches forward, the tension grows stronger and stronger — until it reaches its terrifying, bloody and emotional climax.

Let Her Out is an amazing independent film from director Cody Calahan, who is really able to capture the growing insanity of Helen in a unique and interesting way. 

Lead actress Alanna LeVierge’s amazing performance is something that will certainly catapult her young career into the stratosphere. Combine all that with a screenplay that is very feminist and tackles concepts of rape, gross men, and self-harm in a unique way. What you get is easily one of the best films of the decade.

Insane, bloody, reality bending and mind warping, Let Her Out is an amazing overlooked indie gem that is currently streaming Tubi.

So, if you are looking for something new to watch this week that you may have overlooked, do yourself a favor and go watch Let Her Out.