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Gather Your Ghoul Gang — and Halloween Outfits — with Unique Vintage and Nerdist

If you’re anything like me, now is the time to embark on the essential quest to find the perfect Halloween costume. I’m not a fan of store bought, ready-made costumes. I prefer that more unique and authentic look that allows me to really flaunt my personal style.

While I spend an obscene amount of time at thrift stores and vintage clothing shops, it can be challenging to find the right pieces to achieve that enviable look.

Fortunately, I just discovered an online vintage clothing store that totally gets me!

Unique Vintage is this amazing shop that sells seriously cute and stylish vintage clothing and accessories. While they operate a physical store out of Burbank, California, lucky ghouls like me can also browse their amazing online collection — including original styles and the latest creations from popular vintage-inspired brands.

Prices are incredibly reasonable, and the shop offers some great discounts, special offers, and rewards for repeat customers.

For glamour ghouls looking to flaunt their creepy but cute style this Halloween season, Unique Vintage’s Creepy Collection is to die for! Whether you’re looking for a flattering costume or creating a festive outfit for an event, they’ve got you covered with retro-inspired styles that have been updated for modern trends.

To celebrate, the incredibly lovely women of Nerdist teamed up with Unique Vintage for a special photoshoot, showing off some of the killer looks that can be achieved from shopping the collection.

Inspired by Unique Vintage’s best-selling t-shirt, the Ghoul Gang includes: Bizarre States podcast host Jessica Chobot as Morticia Addams; Nerdist Editor-in-Chief Rachel Heine as Lily Munster; Unique Vintage buyer, Chelsea Trimble as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark; and burlesque dancer, pinup model, and vintage voyager, Ashleeta Beauchamp as the Bride of Frankenstein!

The ladies look stunning, strutting their stuff as they pay tribute to the most iconic Mistresses of the Macabre. Honestly, for me the hardest part is trying to decide which of these gorgeous, gothic looks I want to steal!

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