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For Day 14 of the WiHM Massive Blood Drive, The Wonderfully Twisted “Donor” PSA Really Delivers on the Promise of More Blood. 

“February rages on celebrating Women In Horror Month, now in its 9th year and with it returns the WiHM MASSIVE Blood Drive! Every year we gather filmmakers from all around the world to create public service announcements encouraging horror fans (aka the coolest, kindest people on the planet) to roll up their sleeves and Be A Hero by donating blood. This year we are very happy to have 30 filmmaking teams contributing making this easily our biggest year yet.” – Jen and Sylvia Soska

Atropa Films does something very special up there in Canada. They are an independent filmmaking collective “putting a queer gaze on genre films.”  Members of this collective have various artistic talents, but share a deep love of horror.  “We aim to bring a voice and narrative focus that has been glaringly absent from many subgenres of horror, blending what we love about genre cinema with queer perspectives and storytelling.” 

In Donor, the submission today for the Massive Blood Drive PSA, we experience a bloody and  well executed short, documenting the twisted theology of a ‘do gooder’.

In it’s run time of a little over 21 minutes, Donor is the longest entry into the Twisted Twins collection of PSAs thus far, and also one of the goriest (probably NSFW).

In fact, in a statement at the end of the short, we learn, “24 pints of fake blood were crafted for the production of this film. In donated blood, this could save as many as 72 lives.” 

The artists had this to say about their bloody great contribution to the Massive Blood Drive:

“We are so excited to be involved in this year’s blood drive because horror and blood donation are two things we are very passionate about – a number of our crew members are actually students of or currently working in health sciences. Some of us can’t donate blood at this time due to various restrictions and ineligibilities, so we hope that taking part in this project will help bring awareness to those who can.”

Don’t miss Lori Alex and Aria Sini’s fantastic and chilling short…and make sure to watch after the credits!

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