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The enormously entertaining PSA for Day 26 of the WiHM Massive Blood Drive makes bloodthirsty vampires seem tame compared to the bloody horrors of dating.

I’m very happy to announce the next filmmaking team – Adam Marcus, Debra Sullivan, Bryan Sexton, and Skeleton Crew have joined forces to bring you an utterly epic episode to the Women in Horror Month Massive Blood Drive PSA!! These horror heavyweights are not only incredibly talented, but also one of the most kindest, hard working groups creating art out there today.  I’ve gotten to watch a few of their theatre shows & hang with with their team – I think you’ll be properly blown away by the talented that came together to make this.”  –  Jen & Sylvia Soska

NerdGirls is one hell of a PSA!  Director Adam Marcus, who co-wrote the short with Debra Sullivan, created a PSA that is packed with great one liners, vampires, and action.

The short is based off a film series Marcus and Sullivan created over a year ago, following the friendship of two young women obsessed with all things considered “not girly”.  This contribution to the Massive Blood Drive is highly entertaining, and I suggest you take a look at what this team created — a team of passionate, successful, and seasoned artists.  


Adam Marcus had this to say about NerdGirls, his hugely entertaining PSA contribution:  

“Our WiHM PSA is a horror episode of NerdGirls. It’s about the snakepit that is Blind Dating and the power of friendship, and ass-kicking femininity!  Oh, and did I mention there’s lot of blood? I’m so excited to be a part of this years Blood Drive and WiHM!  Not just a man who loves stories about women, but as a human being who loves stories about all of us!”

Debra Sullivan added:

“I am so excited to be a part of this year’s Women in Horror Month Blood Drive. As a woman in the industry and one who has done the majority of her work in the horror genre, I am honored to support the talented and ever amazing Soska Sisters in this annual event. While we had a lot of fun making our film, our true heart was in the message we’re helping to send out to the world, the importance of donating blood.  

When you donate, you save lives, period.  In these unpredictable times we live in, with more and more things happening, we have to stick together and be there for each other. The horror community has always been a source of people who care. So let’s care together. Go out and donate. You’ll be blessed that you did. Let the blood-letting begin!!!!”

Check out this rollicking fun short below, and find out why you should never mess with a bunch of comic-book loving “NerdGirls”! 

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