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It’s What’s Inside That Counts in the Brilliant Claymation Short “Surprise Egg”, WiHM Founder Hannah Neurotica’s PSA for Day 23 of the Massive Blood Drive.

Nine years ago, this next artist decided to change February forever with the very first Women in Horror Month. The founder of WiHM, Hannah Forman, has been growing this event, this celebration, this unity for nine years before it was in vogue to support female artists in the industry. Without WiHM, our first film wouldn’t have gotten its first two screenings which became life changing events for us.  I’ve watched her work tirelessly every year to promote people’s work and raise awareness about artists across the globe in the past, present, and setting up for the future. I’m over-joyed that she was able to be a part of these 9th Annual WiHM Massive Blood Drive PSAs.  Bless you for everything you’ve done, Hannah.  Love you to bits!”  –  Jen & Sylvia Soska

It’s true, today’s selection, Surprise Egg, is an important one folks.

It highlights the hard work of Hannah Neurotica, founder of Women In Horror Month and Ax Wound Film Festival, two incredibly important events we here at Morbidly Beautiful are honored to be a part of. These events celebrate and support the many talented and underrepresented women working in all aspects of the genre. For many women working in the genre (including those of us at this site), Hannah is a tremendous inspiration, influence, and HERO. 

Hannah took her time and made a fun, worthwhile claymation for the 9th Annual WiHM celebration. Claymation like this takes quite a bit of time and love to create. So I truly admire her work on this short, not to mention all she has done to help her fellow bloodshed-loving ladies on screen and beyond. We have Hannah to thank for so so much.

The talented and passionate lady behind the juggernaut of a movement we are celebrating this month, had this to say about her involvement in this  year’s Massive Blood Drive: 

“I am honored to be a part of this massive blood drive undertaking. My father passed away right before the first WiHM in 2010, and it was especially meaningful when Jen and Sylvia Soska told me they wanted to start encouraging people to donate with horror/gore themed blood donation PSAs. I’d just watched my dad get bags of blood from people I will never be able to thank but whom I am grateful for everyday. All you have to do is make an appointment, sit in a chair, and then get a cookie. Being a hero has never been easier! Please consider taking that brave step and share that good red stuff in your veins.” 

Check out Hannah’s short but extremely memorable PSA Surprise Egg below. It’s definitely one of our favorites! 

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