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Irish Filmmaker Paddy Murphy Delivers Plenty of Suspense and Creepy Atmosphere in His Remarkable PSA “Saviour” for Day 18 of the WiHM Massive Blood Drive.

“We keep counting down the hits with 30 filmmaking teams from all around the world contributing short films for the Women In Horror Month MASSIVE Blood Drive. Our task is simple, encourage people to donate blood while raising awareness for the dire need for donors. – Jen and Sylvia Soska

Coming all the way from the Emerald Isle is today’s selection for the Massive Blood Drive PSA entitled Saviour, written and directed by Paddy Murphy. It’s a creepy and well done entry, showing just how far some mothers will go to ensure their child has what they need to survive.  

In 2016, Irish filmmaker Paddy Murphy, along with Barry Fahy, Aaron Walsh, and Brian Clancy, formed Celtic Badger Media. They have been developing projects together ever since.  

Murphy had this to say:

“When I required surgery in 2010 for the removal of an anomaly in my body, one of my biggest concerns was that my blood type was rare…AB Positive to be precise. So if anything happened to me, there may not be sufficient blood available. Due to this, I made a commitment to give blood whenever I could, to ensure that others with my blood type would never be stuck for a bit of plasma. Whether your blood type is rare or normal, please donate regularly to ensure that people will always have a fighting chance of surviving the worst. Thank you. And massive thanks to the Soska Sisters for this fantastic movement, which encourages the bloodletting in a fun, artistic way.”

He went on to add:

“The other reason this event is so important is that it supports and empowers women in horror. This movement is super important especially in the wake of the numerous assaults against women in the industry continue to come to light. Highlighting powerful female directors, actors and crew is essential in making the environment more tolerant and less toxic and is the only way this industry can progress forward.”

Check out the exceptionally made, wonderfully disturbing short Saviour below. 

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