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Horror With Heart: The Wishmasters Project lets fans bid on killer stuff from their favorite indie shops and artists, while helping support those in need.

As part of Morbidly Beautiful s(Cares), Morbidly Beautiful’s community outreach program, we are thrilled and honored to announce our involvement with The Wishmasters Project. The brainchild of three incredibly talented and passionate indie shop owners, The Wishmasters Project is a fundraising initiative designed to offer a helping hand to those in need.

Through the Project, a variety of indie shops, artists and makers are encouraged to donate items, which are then auctioned off via Instagram. 100% of the money raised through auction sales will be donated to an individual in the horror/indie maker community who needs support.

The genesis of the idea for The Wishmasters Project came about when Rebel Rouge Labs and The Risky Rabbit teamed up to support the fundraising campaign of friend and fellow shop owner Boogeywolf. They quickly organized an incredible and hugely successful Instagram auction to raise funds for the Boogey Hearse —helping Boogeywolf acquire the funds he needed to invest in, sustain and grow his business.

As rewarding as it was to help out a friend in need, these kind-hearted and generous entrepreneurs knew they wanted to do more. They quickly realized there were so many others in need, and there was so much more they could do to make a positive impact.

After all the work had been put in to organize an efficient auction platform and garner the support of so many fellow shop owners, it seemed only fitting to turn this one-time initiative into a wider reaching platform with the power to help many more. Thus, spearheaded by Rebel Rouge Labs, The Risky Rabbit and Boogeywolf (with the support of Pudge A Lu Designs and Morbidly Beautiful), The Wishmasters Project was born.


With the Project launch announcement, the first auction date has already been set, and the first Project beneficiary has been announced.

The first auction will go to benefit Jessica Gimarelli, the owner of Grimm Art (@grimm_artist on Instagram). After a horrific vehicle accident with multiple life-threatening injuries, Jessica was in the ICU due to internal bleeding, a fractured pelvis/sacrum, broken arm, concussion and nerve damage. She has had to get 2 plates, over 30 staples down her stomach for the bleeding, 9 screws for the pelvis, and one for the sacrum. Jessica is now wheelchair bound with permanent nerve damage, and she suffers from chronic pain.

She has persevered against many odds and is now in need of a vehicle, as well as a special accessible foot pedal device to assist her in driving. We now have the chance to come together again as a community to help get Jessica thriving and driving!

The first fundraising auction will take place on July 27th-29th, and donations are now being accepted.

All vendors interested in participating should email [email protected] by July 18th.  Visit @thewishmastersproject on Instagram to learn more about how to submit donations.

Be sure to follow @thewishmastersproject on Instagram for updates, previews of auction items (as they become available), and auction notifications. All bids for items will be placed directly through this Instagram page. 

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