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Help fund the new Boogey Hearse while saving big on all Boogeywolf apparel and merchandise; plus get a free gift and enter to win exclusive original art.

For those who don’t know, I have the enormous pleasure of sharing my weekly indie horror shop recommendations over at My wonderful friend and fellow journalist (and guest columnist here at Morbidly Beautiful) Kyle Laugh is gracious enough to include my small business love letters as part of his incredible weekly horror roundup, “Last Week in Horror”. I highly encourage you to check out the column and the other great content on the site.

When you’re not reading Morbidly Beautiful, you should definitely be reading Long Live the Void! We here at Morbidly Beautiful are huge fans and truly appreciate the opportunity to collaborate and cross-promote on a regular basis.

One of the first shops I spotlighting was also one of my absolute favorites, Boogeywolf, an indie apparel shop selling a variety of extremely cool and highly original threads for horror-loving creeps and ghouls. You can click here to read more about why I’m such a rabid fan of this shop.

As I explained in my article over at Long Live the Void, it’s not just that I’m a fan of the killer designs and exceptional product quality found at Boogeywolf. I’m also a hardcore fan of the creative talent and vision behind the shop. The Boogey Wolf himself (“Mr. Wolf”) is one of the kindest, most generous and supportive members of the Horror and indie community.

He consistently and tirelessly works to promote other small businesses, while giving back to the Horror community through some of the biggest and best multi-shop giveaways on Instagram (@boogeywolf). Additionally, whenever he discovers someone in need or a cause that needs support, he is right there to selflessly give as much as he’s able.

I had the tremendous honor of working with Boogey on two very important causes near and dear to my heart. He organized a massive horror raffle to help a fellow shop owner out after a devastating fire, spearheading the enormously successful Raffle to Re-animate The Horror Corner. He donated his own products, donated his time and talent to create promotional graphics and videos, and reached out to his significant network of fellow shop owners and artists to help secure well over 270 items from 70 shops.

He simply heard that someone was in desperate need, someone he didn’t even really know that well, and he knew he had to help. That’s the kind of person he is.

I worked with him again as part of a Morbidly Beautiful (s)Cares community outreach project — an online auction to raise funds for the incredible Don’t Be a Monster anti-bullying organization. This time, without being asked, he generously donated a massive t-shirt lot which included one of every design in his shop. It was an unbelievable gift that went so far above and beyond what we were hoping or asking for.

I say all this to let you know that now this kind and generous soul who has done so much to help others is in need of a little help of his own. Boogey became notorious for his trademark “boogey wagon”, a 1995 Chevy G-Series G10 van that has served as his transportation, home, work station and mobile studio. Unfortunately, as cool as the van looks, it’s not the most reliable form of transportation. This places severe limits on his ability to travel for business, attending cons and other special events.

Then, as if gifted from the Universe itself, along comes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Boogey has the chance to purchase a dream car, a stunning commercial-grade hearse. It’s beautiful, perfect for his brand, roomy and reliable. It also happens to be an official ghost hunters hearse! And he can make his dream a reality if he can raise $4k by June 15th.

While that’s a steal for this vehicle, it’s a lot of money that has to be raised in a very short amount of time.

An incredibly generous auction — sponsored by The Risky Rabbit and Rebel Rouge labs, with the support of many fellow horror shops who love Boogey — has already helped raise nearly $2k towards the cause. But more is still needed. Urgently.

So here’s your chance to help out the cause, while picking up some killer merchandise at a generous discount.

June 12-June 14, take 20% off the entire Boogeywolf store. All purchases made during this time will come with a signed 12 x 18 professional print of the limited HEARSIN AND CURSIN design (created especially for this fundraiser). Every order also qualifies you for a chance to win an original signed and framed ink drawing of The Crypt Keeper. All proceeds from this sale will go to help fund the purchase of the new Boogeywolf Hearse.

Visit to start shopping. If you’d prefer to just make a donation of as little as $1, click here to visit the fundraising page. 

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