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The annual fundraising event from Adam Green and Joe Lynch, Yorkiethon, is back for its 7th year — with a new format and lots of surprises!


For the past six years, The Movie Crypt Podcast have pushed on for 48 hours straight to help their friends at Save A Yorkie Rescue.

But this year, they have a new mission statement: “We’re going LIVE all WEEK, so THEY don’t get put to SLEEP!”

There are more chances to bid, donate, and not snooze on guests you’d otherwise miss out on at 2 am. Over 70 celebrity guests, film commentaries, and the annual live script reading event will take place over seven days now! That’s the equivalent content you’d usually get from the 48-hour marathon.

But this year, our gracious hosts — Arwen, Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Sean Becker, and the team behind the camera — get to go home at the end of the night and get some sleep, too.

Day One started off with a fun intro by Mike Relm (@mikerelm) / Twitter, and by 11:30 am, over $7,000 had been raised!

Why Save a Yorkie?

In the last six years, Yorkiethon has raised nearly $200,000 for Save a Yorkie Rescue.

It’s a cause near and dear to the hearts of Adam and Joe. As fans of The Movie Crypt know very well, Adam’s beloved pet pooch and podcast mascot, Arwen, is a Yorkie.  But more than that, every foundation that specializes in a specific dog breed also helps support the common goal of helping ALL dogs and ensuring as few pups as possible end up in shelters — or worse.

If you look online, there are thousands of rescues specializing in Labradors, Chihuahuas, Pitbulls, and Huskies; you name the breed, it’s out there. Organizations focusing on specific types of dogs not only help take off the pressure that large city shelters experience, but individualized care and the understanding of those breeds can place the right animal into the loving home of the right owner.

Bonnie and Kathy, the Presidents of Save A Yorkie Rescue, also chimed in about this worthy cause.

There is a stigma that small dogs like Yorkies are “rich people dogs,” yet find many are surrendered, abandoned, or their owners pass away. All the unclaimed Yorkies at Save a Yorkie are placed immediately into loving foster care so they are not subject to the harsh conditions of shelter life.

As Adam reminds everyone, the reality of animals found and surrendered at the shelter is that the dog loses everything, even their name.

Honorary Guest 1: Chuck Russell

With his latest film, Paradise City (starring Bruce Willis and John Travolta), having just landed on digital, director Chuck Russell (A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors, The Blob 1988) joins Joe, Adam, and Arwen to offer filmmaking advice on continuity, editing, and watching your movie without any sound. Russell also views his role as director as being the “host of a 12-hour party no one can leave” — so, like Joe and Adam and their annual Yorkiethon, he is no stranger to putting in marathon days in pursuit of his passion.

He talks about the importance of being a leader on the set. And Joe and Chuck “wax each other’s car a little bit” with heartwarming compliments of one another’s work.(Side note: If you haven’t already, now is a great time to go watch Joe Lynch’s exceptional 2017 horror film Mayhem on Shudder.)

Guest 2: Diana Prince

The beautiful mail girl Darcy, taking a much well-deserved Christmas break, joins the crew with discussions on Full Moon, cosplay, Scream franchise disappointments, third installments in trilogies that flopped, and the honest evaluation of the movies you want to like but just can’t.

As the beloved co-host of The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs on Shudder, Darcy talks about her friendship with Briggs that helped make the show such a hit with fans, and she explains the rights issues that prevent some of the requested genre classics from getting the royal JBB airings.

From A Christmas Story 2 to Cannibal Holocaust, damn, this was an amazing conversation — with an Arwen Cam moment in between.

Guest 3: Omar Doom

Joe played for us the Straight Razor music video, introducing many of us to the musical side of Omar Doom, as most of us recognize Doom from Death Proof and Inglorious Basterds.

Doom shared with the team his love of movies as a child, his musical influences, and his friendship with Quentin Tarantino since 1998. There was a great love for the look of film prints, meeting Mike Judge, “killing Hitler” with Eli Roth, and a candid conversation about cell phones on the set.

Shoutouts to the Official sponsors: Final Girl Designs, Metal Blade Records, and Ice Nine Kills, as well as all the current donators!

Guest 4: Kat Corbett

A longtime friend of the Yorkiethon and one of the finest of the airwaves, Kat Corbett, stops by. Kat is a SiriusXm Radio personality, writer, and voice-over talent.

She talks about Satellite vs. local radio programming and SiriusXM’s passion for musical programming. Corbett also discusses her career highlight of producing a 35th-anniversary celebration of Cameron Crow’s Singles soundtrack, talking with A Christmas Story’s Zack Ward, writing an anthology of horror stories, and finding a VHS copy of Ariescope’s third Halloween short “Oh Sherrie.”

Yorkiethon is much like a “masterclass of filmmaking,” as Corbett defines it.

At this point, we are four hours into the show (nearly 2 pm), and the Yorkiethon has raised $8,154.37!

After each interview, Joe and Adam ask the guest, “What is your favorite Christmas Horror Movie?” Most of the guests on today’s show gravitated towards Silent Night, Deadly Night as their favorite. What would yours be?

While we are on the subject of Christmas Horror Movies…

Guest 5: Joe Begos and Riley Dandy

Writer/Director Joe Begos (Bliss, VFW) is back with Christmas Bloody Christmas — coming to theaters this Friday, December 9th. The group discussed making “simple Covid movies” and humorous experiences of Begos shooting films inside his apartment. Begos shot on film within forty-three days, on time and on budget. Mad love and respect for that!

Actress Riley Dandy (lead actress in Christmas Bloody Christmas) talked about the auditioning process and how the last day of shooting was the most challenging. The group talked about the importance of being in the trenches with your cast and crew on overnight shoots and weathered conditions.

Arwen under the Xmas Tree moment!

Guest 6: Lee Howard

Guest 6: Artist & Filmmaker Lee Howard

The creator of the Quiet Room Bears, artist and filmmaker Lee Howard, came on to the show to talk about his process. We also watched his 2018 short film, QUIET ROOM BEARS (watch on Amazon), inspired by Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors and Session 9 backstories.

The team discusses revisiting their work many years later and Howard’s growing TikTok success. He donated an original 11×14 canvas painting of Victor Crowley for the auction, too! Howard also gives the team a hilarious basement tour of toys featuring finger buckets and teddy bear faces, basically a whole new level of “Build-A-Bear” not located at your local mall.

Guest Commentary: The Terminator

“Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger” and “Director David Lynch” are back!

They’ll leave you crying in hysterics or peeing your pants, or both. “You can cancel Christmas” on this commentary.

“Abel Ferrara” managed to show up at the studio and tear shit up with the group. Things get a little feisty as the donations start to increase. The light cancels out the darkness, and as David puts it, “your money cancels out Abel.”

With just over $10,000 raised, there’s one last happy Arwen Cam!

The guest commentary was “channeled” by Richard Trejo (Arnold), Eric Edelstein (David), and Joe Lynch (Abel).

Four other film commentaries are coming this week, so check in daily at Arwen might even drop a Twitter page hint!

The EVENT: Live Script Reading

It wouldn’t be a Yorkiethon without the live cast script reading of drum roll… (thanks to Arwen’s leaked Twitter post), Jeffrey Reddick’s first-ever draft of Final Destination (Flight 180) directed by the talented Dave Parker (The Hills Run Red).

Visit every evening and Saturday this week for more amazing content.

Monday (12/5) through Friday (12/9): 5:00pm PST – 11:00pm PST
Saturday (12/10) 10:00am PST – 8:00pm PST

You never know who is going to show up! Tune in, join in the chat, bid, and donate. No donation is too small.

We hope that our Day One recap gives you a glimmer of the excitement to come all week and the many reasons to Save a Yorkie!

If you want to help support the incredible Yorkiethon, there are a couple of great ways to do it.

First, head over to the Yorkiethon Auction to bid on a ton of amazing, one-of-a-kind items, including dates with Adam, Joe, and Arwen, original Hatchet movie props, art prints, signed comics, Blu-Rays/DVDs, LPs, many generous collectibles from Ice Nine Kills, and so much more!

More signed items are being added during the week as they come in, so come back often.

You can also just make a simple donation direct to the charity. From the Auction site, you’ll find a green DONATE button in the upper right-hand corner. Click on it to help out Arwen’s friends.

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