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We look back at one of the biggest hits of 2022, “Smile”, and review what it sure to be one of the best films of 2023, “BlackBerry”.



A pair of interesting trailers dropped this week, and we discuss them at the top of the show. With a sequel coming soon, We reflect back on how Bird Box took the world by storm — and how much we did not care. And for those who have not seen the trailer for Meg 2, rush to check it out. We saw it and were dumbfounded and amazed.

Then it’s on to our featured new movie review.

It is hard to believe just how popular the BlackBerry was. It is even more surprising that its rise and fall happened within the past quarter century. Starring Glenn Howerton and Jay Baruchel, the film about the world’s first smartphone, the titular BlackBerry, promised some entertainment.

The film exceeds all expectations with great writing and outrageous characters.

BlackBerry is less about the phone and more about the people behind it. There is some nostalgia, but the movie offers much more. It is an early contender for one of the year’s best movies.

In our horror spotlight, we take a look at 2022’s surprise horror hit Smile.

Horror is constantly looking to its past to tell new stories. Smile is one of the most formulaic ones out there. It works, however, thanks to great performances, scary moments, and fantastic imagery. We discuss its near-perfect finale, how it deals with mental health, and how even old-school storytelling can be a breath of fresh air.


Last week, we talked about a couple of compelling new releases, Artifice Girl and Sisu.


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