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With St. Patty’s Day right around the corner, we devote the month of March to Irish Horror, kicking things off with “Boys from County Hell”.

The Boys from County Hell

There have been a lot of great horror movies to come out of Ireland. Though we have talked about some of them here and there, we have always wanted to devote a whole month to the subject. We have finally gotten around to it as we begin Irish Horror Movie Month with a look at Boys from County Hell.


Vampires seem to be an easy target for horror comedies. There are romantic comedies, family comedies, and spoofs all centered around everyone’s favorite bloodsuckers. Boys from County Hell is another on the list, this one with a distinctly Irish feel.

One of us was not impressed with its humor, another saw it as a touching coming-of-age story, while someone else thought it took a while to get going. And yet, we still all agreed on whether others should watch it.

Horror movies have always trafficked in the strange and eerie. Agnes is a possession film that takes things to the next level.

Genre-bending would not be giving this enough credit as it weaves between horror, comedy, character study, and drama during its entire runtime. Of course, when a story makes too many changes, it can lose the audience. This one has one of the strangest tonal shifts you will ever see in a horror movie.

AMC was one of our favorite topics when we were unable to leave the house. Well, they are back on our radar again, and — SUPRISE! —  we have nothing good to say. We found the one group that could ruin our excitement over The Batman.


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