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We continue Evil Twin Month on the podcast with another double feature; join us to discuss “Goodnight Mommy” and “Blackstock Boneyard”.

Evil Twins Month continues with two movies that polarized us for different reasons. Goodnight Mommy is an Austrian export that does a lot of things right. Is its extreme finale one of them? Blackstock Boneyard is an indie horror film that seems to have a lot to say, but is any of it worth listening to?



We begin by covering the big horror news of the week. Stephen King’s Christine is getting another adaptation, so we talk about whether we want to see more of King’s older works or whether it is time for something new. Plus, Blake reads an open letter to Rob Zombie.

Then it’s on to this week’s Evil Twins double feature! Last week, we discussed The Dark Half and Baphoment. This week, it’s Goodnight Mommy and Blackstock Boneyard.

It is hard to tell if 2021’s Blackstock Boneyard is trying to be like Get Out or WrestleManiac — especially since the synopsis mentions Candyman. We discuss when things stopped being funny, absurd inconsistencies, and random racism.

Our second feature, Goodnight Mommy (2014), is a beautiful psychological thriller that keeps the audience guessing the entire time. So, why were we so conflicted by it? This film’s conversation includes talk of torture horror, creepy twins, and depressing endings.


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