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It has been a while since we have talked about Star Wars, but the current state of the once-revered franchise has us reminiscing about what the movies meant to us as children and where it is now. We discuss the absence of movies and how that is a good thing, and the surprising popularity of the franchise’s television shows.

Another favorite from our youths was the first two Alien movies. The series has fallen so far since that younger audiences may have trouble believing just how groundbreaking the original movie was. Fede Alvarez has seen a similar fall from grace, though in a much shorter amount of time. After wowing audiences with his Evil Dead remake, his follow-ups have been disappointing to horrible. Can the two save each other?

Unwelcome is a tonal mess. It is incredibly disturbing, cartoonishly silly, and surprisingly gory. The great performances and interesting stories are undermined by oddly artificial set pieces. With a movie that has this many pros and cons, it comes as no surprise that we have different opinions about it.

Triangle of Sadness is filled with great performances, biting satire, and great characters. We talk about its simple and nonchalant storytelling and how it is still a difficult movie to describe. We also discussed whether we thought it had a shot at winning the top prize at the recent Oscars (this episode was recorded prior to the ceremony).


Last week, we discussed our thoughts on elevated vs. entertaining horror films. We talked about Children of the Corn, one of the most awful Stephen King adaptations in years. So why did we unironically love it? We also reviewed the arthouse horror film Enys Men.