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In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we celebrate Irish horror with the comedy slasher “Stitches” — as selected by our listeners.

Welcome to Guilty Pleasures, a show where we take a gander at a modern-day horror film with a wee bit o’ silly and, hopefully, a whole lot of slay. This month, we’re celebrating the luck of the Irish with our St. Patrick’s Day special episode.

We asked our adoring fans to choose our Irish horror film, between 2007’s psychedelic slasher SHROOMS or 2012’s killer clown comedy STITCHES starring Irish comedian Ross Noble. In a fecking landslide, you all told us you craved the clown.

Join us as we dive into the gory details, dissect all the highlights and lowlights, debate the likability of accents and the enduring appeal of 80’s music, and ask, “Is this really a Guilty Pleasure?”



Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add 4 ounces of Irish whiskey, 4 ounces of white cranberry juice (you can also use regular cranberry juice, but you’ll need to add a couple of drops of green food coloring if you want the right color), and 2 ounces of Sour Apple Schnapps. Shake for 30 seconds. Serve in a martini glass and garnish with mint and sliced green apple if desired.

Be sure to join us next month when we’ll be serving up revenge horror. You decide, is it PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE (1974) or PHANTOM OF THE MALL (1989)?



Kelly loves all the cheese but not the ones you’d expect. A Cronenberg apologist until her dying breath, this Final Philly Girl likes her cats fat, her drinks blue, and would love it if you read her nonsense, both fictional and non.


Visionary. Award-Winner. Philanthropist. Social-Media Phenomenon. None of these terms pertain to Jack Wells, a burgeoning author located in northern Utah, and as a raging introvert with an abundance of shyness…he is totally ok with that! Refusing to stick with one genre, Jack writes whatever pops into his head, from historical thrillers to ethereal horror. Guilty Pleasures marks his first foray into podcast hosting. When not putting pen to paper or mouth to the microphone, Jack spends time with his sweet but quirky family, taking late-night road trips, enjoying a cigar, and sipping whiskey by his fire pit (because, as everyone knows, all work and no play…).


Morbidly Beautiful editor. Writer. Brooding Artist. Emo poet. A24 obsessessed arthouse apologist. President of the Nic Cage Fan Club. Rotten-Tomatoes film critic. The better half of the Cheer and Loathing podcast. She’s passionate about movies, good grammar, graphic design, and cats. This fiery redhead hails from Texas, but don’t hold that against her. Professional hustler by day, Love Witch by night. A rabid fan of both five-dollar and four-letter words.


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