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Dark artist A.R. Valgorth showcases his surreal paintings from the “Limbo Reflections From the Void” exhibition in a new online art gallery.

Back in 2016, I had the distinct pleasure of introducing you to the dark art of Argentinian artist Aldo Requena (aka Valgorth, or A.R. Valgorth). When we first discovered his art — inspired by Lovecraft, Giger, and similar artists — we were blown away.

Requena has been a mainstay of the music and entertainment industry, and he’s produced art for many heavy/black metal bands and labels, including Paragon, the Swedish band Lost Horizon, Skiltron, Black Majesty, HolyHell, In-Defilade, Sonic Prophecy, Remedy Records, Vic Records, and many more. He’s also worked on illustrations for video games and runs his own design studio,

I’ve been a fan of Requena’s for years now and have excitedly followed his career. Recently, he presented his work at the first installation of the Vortex Exhibition for The Fifth Supper Event organized by the popular Portugese Black Metal band GAEREA. The event was held on November 12, 2021 in Portugal, where Valgorth presented a two-set series of sacrilegious paintings specifically curated for the occasion.

The collection, baptized as “Limbo Reflections From The Void”, explored new darker horizons and mixed them with the unsettling messages from GAEREA. Five years of GAEREA’s dark music was presented to the audience as an ambitious live performance and a unique art exhibition with worldwide remarkable creators at The Fifth Supper Event, where artists and audiences alike all feasted from the depths of the earth.

About this exciting exhibition, Valgorth said:

“Art, especially if ominous, must incite the human psyche, and each individual, regardless of their origin or culture, will have their interpretation of the work. Dark art impacts us on a profound level because it connects us to our primal roots and phobias, pushing our boundaries to darker horizons and creating against the norms.”

Now, the incredible art from the show is available to view in a free online exhibit at:


Aldo ‘Valgorth’ Requena is an Argentine artist best known for his work depicting a dark subject matter. With over a hundred designs published worldwide, his artwork has featured on albums, books, apparel, posters advertising, and film. He is the artificer of the art & texts used on the Necronomicon book for the Argentine movie NECRONOMICON. Requena runs Hammerblaze, a graphic design company that has done works for a variety of metal artists and labels of all calibers; from all around the globe. He has spearheaded projects with LOST HORIZON, SKILTRON, DESTRÖYER 666, PARAGON, WIZARD, DAVID SHANKLE (former MANOWAR), BLACK MAJESTY, GUILLOTINE (Sweden), IN-DEFILADE (Jon Vesano Nile), WACKEN METAL BATTLE, MASSACRE RECORDS, REMEDY RECORDS, VIC RECORDS and many more.

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