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Metal Massacre Spotlight: Join us for look at three of the best labels in metal music, tons of killer music, and some horror history (Air Date: 4.23.19).

The Calling Hours



On this episode, we will be doing a tribute to the great labels that provide us with the absolutely soul-crushing Death, Black, Gore and Extreme metal we get to experience every week! While I will not have a guest in studio this week, I have hand picked selections from labels such as Imperative PR (a UK based music management and PR company specializing in rock, metal and extreme music), Metal Blade Records (a heavy metal independent record label founded by Brian Slagel in 1982) and Earsplit Compound (an independent public relations company based in the greater NYC area that has been infiltrating international media outlets with extreme forms of music since 1999).

Bands that we will hear tonight will include Imperative PR’s Body Harvest, Embludgeonment, and Body Harvest; Metal Blade Records’ Cannibal Corpse, Rivers of Nihil and Entrails; and Earsplit Compound’s Skinless, Morbid Angel and Goatwhore. There will be interesting facts about the labels, bands and even some horror history! It’s going to be a skull-splitting show to say the least, and we may even squeak in a few world podcast exclusives.

Along with the great music, we’ll have two Digital Dismemberment Spotlights, focusing on two great titles from Scream Factory: the Blu-Ray releases of Man’s Best Friend and the Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Release of Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers.

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