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A Wounded Vet Finds Himself Transfixed by a Beautiful Dead Woman in Random Media’s Upcoming Release of Michael Mongillo’s Haunting Feature “Diane”.


Random Media is crossing over to the other side with the limited theatrical and nationwide VOD release of Diane from writer/director Michael Mongillo (Being Michael Madsen), the story of a wounded veteran and the beautiful corpse he stumbles across that leads him down a rabbit hole.

Diane held its world premiere at FrightFest in London, where BritFlicks described Mongillo’s latest as “Jacob’s Ladder meets Memento“. The film later had its US premiere at the New York City Horror Film Festival and was a nominee for Best Independent Limited Release at the Rondo Classic Hatton Horror Awards.


Steve’s lingering physical and emotional scars from the war in Afghanistan plunge him into a soulless routine. He continues his drab existence until the corpse of a beautiful singer, Diane, is dumped in his backyard, shaking him back to reality. Steve takes a photo of her before calling the police and soon he becomes obsessed with the dead woman’s image. Steve is scrutinized by the police, becoming the prime suspect hassled by Diane’s widower, and attacked by self-righteous neighbors. Before long, the malevolent ghost of Diane begins to work a dark spell that leads Steve to strange and startling revelations.

Horror Talk calls the film “Fantastically other worldly” and Eye for Film describes it as “Disturbing”. We will have our full review of the film for you shortly, so stay tuned!

Diane will open in Los Angeles September 7th at the Arena Cinelounge Sunset, followed by a launch on Cable and Digital HD, including iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play and Vudu, on September 17th.

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