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A new poster and full length trailer are revealed for “The Special”, a dark and grotesque nightmare from “Death House” director B. Harrison Smith.

We reported on the teaser trailer and poster for The Special when they premiered back in April, and now Devilworks is debuting the new poster and full length trailer. Both offer an impressive look at the film. Audiences can expect a horror-infused, grotesque odyssey from The Special. And the poster really puts the ick factor on full display with that glimpse of what’s in the box, drooling with steamy anticipation of its next customer.

Backing up the grossness of “the special” is a cautious, nightmare color palette awash in florescent purples and blues hinting at the danger surrounding the deadly pleasures it offers.

The Special

The film centers on Jerry, a man whose suspicion of his wife’s infidelity leads him down a dark rabbit hole into a horror landscape of addiction, obsession, and ultimately madness. I was able to review The Special over the Summer, and the trailer successfully shows just how dark this film becomes. As I wrote in my review:

“I was grabbed by the darkly fantastical elements of THE SPECIAL and… the Special itself is grossly fascinating with the effects team delivering outstanding visuals that bring the horrors to eye popping life.”

Read the full review here.

Watch the full trailer below and get in line to experience The Special!

As of this writing, the film is still awaiting a release date, stay tuned for updates.

The Special is directed by B. Harrison Smith (Death House, Camp Dread) and stars Davy Raphaely (Camp Dread, 6 Degrees of Hell), Dave Sheridan (Sky Sharks, Victor Crowley) and Sarah French (Ouija House, Amityville Murders). Written by Mark Steensland and James Newman, the film was produced by Alexander Bafer and Doug Henderson under Everything’s Fire Productions, while Jonathan Ilchert executive produced under Brick Top Productions.

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