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Filmmaker B. Harrison Smith releases the teaser trailer for his latest film, “The Special”, a Hithcockian maze of infidelity, horror, and addiction.

Filmed this past Winter in Philadelphia, York, and Lancaster Pennsylvania, The Special has been a film I’ve been looking forward to since I first heard about it last Fall. Now that we have a first look at the film with the release of the teaser trailer, my interest has turned into full on excitement!

The teaser has a dark, sexually-infused tone with a mystery at its center involving an eyebrow raising black box with ‘stick it in here’ written on it and an arrow pointing to a hole. Just what exactly is beyond that hole in the box?

Based on their novella of the same name, the screenplay for The Special is written by Mark Steensland and James Newman. It tells the story of Jerry, a man who suspects his wife of infidelity and, at the urging of his friend, is led down a dark rabbit hole into a horror landscape of addiction. Director B. Harrison Smith (Death House) reunites with his Camp Dread and Zombie Killers star Davy Raphaely in the lead role.

The film also stars Sarah French (Death House, Rootwood) and David Sheridan (Scary Movie, The Devil’s Rejects), featuring special cameos from Howard Stern’s Richard Christy, pro wrestler Chris Jericho and singer/musician Howard Jones.

Smith says the film is a great warning against infidelity and called it a “Midnight Horror Chick Flick”, urging any woman who has been cheated on to “see this film with someone they hate.” Smith also says The Special features all practical effects, with Roy Knyrim (SOTA FX) handling transformations and Monster Mark being in charge of puppeteer and special design. Transformations? Puppeteer work? Like I said, I’m full on excited!

The poster for the film also brings to mind that Hitchcock, cat-and-mouse chase/thriller quality that the teaser lays out and everything looks very promising for the film. Smith says The Special should be finishing post production soon and will be ready to be viewed for buyers by Memorial Day. We’ll be keeping an eye on The Special and bringing updates as we get them.

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