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On the first day of Christmas, Glass Eye Pix gave to me “Ghoul Log”, a creepy claymation tale of a twisted dinner party ending with just desserts.

Ghoul Log

The 2018 Creepy Christmas Film Fest from Beck Underwood and NYC-based production company Glass Eye Pix kicked off today with an impressive entry from Christine Pfister. Taking the mantra of “Creepy Christmas” to heart, she delivers a wonderfully perverse short about a pagan holiday feast with a decidedly non-traditional main course. It’s both offputting yet beautiful to look at, with Pfister showing off some serious stop-motion animation skills.

Beginning December 1st and leading up to Christmas Day, the Creepy Christmas Film Fest will highlight one original horror short a day from talented and up-and-coming filmmakers. In a similar vein to the highly creative horror anthology film ABCs of Death, each filmmaker is giving a holiday-themed prompt to inspire their short film.

For her short, Pfister was giving the prompt YULE LOG. 

“My word for this piece was YULE LOG, for which I was both excited and perplexed. I struggled to choose between a Yule log cake and a background Yule log video loop until I finally decided to combine these themes. I loved the idea of constantly splicing soft violence with an offputtingly relaxing fire to add an additional layer of discomfort to my strange little dinner party.”

CHRISTINE PFISTER is a stop-motion animator, art director and textile artist based in the Hudson Valley. Using methods of fabrication typically deemed ‘woman’s work,’ she strives to create fully hand-made films. Through sewing, knitting and doll fabrication, Christine creates films based around science-fi dreamscapes, womanhood and memory tricks.

She is currently in year 3 of a stop-motion animation & live action hybrid feature film project, which she is currently animating single handedly. The working title is “Mamamoon”. Learn more about this talented artist at

Check out “Ghoul Log”, Christine Pfizer’s submission for Day 1 of the Creepy Christmas Film Fest below. 

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