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An incomprehensible story is covered up by scenes of torture, fantastical blood, and, of course, an ample amount of nudity.

A recently paroled woman takes up residence in a house that happens to be the recruiting lair of a sadistic cult. Let’s dig into 1974’s THE GIRL IN ROOM 2A, directed by William Rose!

As I See It

Featuring gorgeous Italian women throughout the film, this sort of giallo doesn’t really know what to do with itself.

The premise is ripe for horror: a cult using a pseudo halfway house as a feeder system for its ritual sacrifice victims. There are scenes of torture, mainly of topless or fully nude women, and a pretty strong, if not classic, “big bad”— a red and blue caped cretin wearing a mask that sorta looks like a bargain bin Spider-Man.

Mostly dubbed in English, there are inexplicable breaks where the audio track is in Italian. It doesn’t hurt the flow, honestly, because most of the interactions make such little sense that it’s a wonder anyone saw the script fit to film.

Daniela Giordano (Margaret) is fine as the protagonist, but most of the performance comes off flat until the end when she’s in dire straits.

I would have to put this at the bottom of the pile as far as giallo films.

Famous Faces

Rosalba Neri (Alicia Songbird) features in a ton of Italian horror films, including Smile Before Death.

Daniela Giordano (Margaret) recently passed away (December 2022) and had a lot of credits to her name as well, including many genre flicks.

Of Gratuitous Nature

There are plenty of scenes of nude women in peril. Any of those could take the cake. Oddly enough, it’s the passionate love scene between Jack and Margaret that sticks out like a sore thumb. Mainly because he keeps his jeans on.


The film is filled with beautiful Italian actors, but I would say Rosalba Neri (Alicia Songbird) stands out. She also featured in an earlier Dig: Smile Before Death.

Ripe for a Remake

There is nothing original enough to warrant a re-imagined update.


No progeny to report.

Where to Watch

Vinegar Syndrome released it on Blu-Ray in their Forgotten Giallo: Volume Two, released alongside My Dear Killer and The French Sex Murders. You can stream it on Tubi, AMC+, and Shudder.

Overall Rating (Out of 5 Butterflies): 1

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