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Your love guru is back with more great date night horror movie recommendations, this time bringing you the five scariest films of 2020.

You might not necessarily associate scary movies with romance, but there are many reasons why they are ideal for bringing lovers closer! And this Date Night series is all about exploring the best genre offerings for facilitating the union between romantic love and a healthy love of horror.

When you meet someone exciting on a dating service, if you’re lucky, you might well discover a shared appreciation for heart-pounding thrillers and hair-raising horror films. Because online dating presents such a convenient environment for getting to know each other, you can develop chemistry as you bond over your favorite films, sub-genres, villains, and crazy kills. Then, when it’s finally time to arrange a date night, even a virtual one, you’ll be ready to go with these five great recommendations for the best, scariest films of 2020 you may have missed.

1. Relic 

What makes this feature particularly noteworthy is the believable plotline, involving an aspect of the human experience that is, in itself, utterly frightening.

Edna is the family matriarch, a domineering widow who has, sadly, succumbed to the effects of dementia. But when she goes missing, daughter Kay and granddaughter Sam join forces to try and locate her, traveling to their family home. When they arrive at this ominous-looking backdrop, supernatural elements begin taking control of their already fraught situation. The house has been locked from the inside. What’s worse, a mysterious mold has started to manifest in a wall.

Relic is one of the best indie horror films of 2020 and a truly scary movie that will have you and your partner cuddling closer!

Watch it now on fuboTV, Showtime, or DIRECTV.

2. The Invisible Man

The original fantasy story written by H.G. Wells in Victorian times has been reinvented many times, but this modern retelling is particularly chilling.

Starring Elisabeth Moss (famous for Mad Men and The Handmaid’s Tale) as Cecilia, an architect, trapped in a toxic relationship with Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), the plot takes a fantastical twist after Adrian’s apparent suicide leaves Cecilia sensing a presence. It transpires that her protagonist is very much alive, only he has used his scientific knowledge to acquire the power to become invisible. He then sets about stalking Cecilia. The fact her tormentor is unseen makes the suspense even more intense.

Check out The Invisible Man and prepare for an intense watch with several major jump scares!

Watch it now on HBO or HBO Max. 

3. Underwater

Kristen Stewart (Twilight) is a worker in a drilling facility at the bottom of the Pacific’s deepest point, the Mariana Trench. But when the subsea base is destroyed by an earthquake, sinister forces are unleashed.

The seismic disturbances have opened a fissure into an even more subterranean level, populated with mysterious, alien-like sea creatures, the spawn of an ancient, and multi-tentacled aquatic-dwelling beast. There follows a claustrophobic battle to survive, not only to evade the murderous entities but also to engineer an escape to the distant surface.

At times reminiscent of standard science-fiction terror, like Alien, Underwater is another feature dripping with menace and suspense.

Watch it now on HBO or HBO Max. 

4. Spree 

A satire on modern obsessions with Internet fame propagated via social media.

This disturbing film is all about a ‘ride-hail taxi driver, Kurt (Joe Keery), who drives around Los Angeles, picking up passengers to feature in his homemade snuff movies. Critics castigated its lack of depth, as not much else happens other than Kurt sinking deeper into a cesspit of voyeuristic violence.

Then again, that itself is a major aspect of the movie’s commentary about the shallowness of those who seem only able to react to their environment through the lens of their smart devices.

Watch it now on Hulu or Hoopla. 

5. Let It Snow

This is a classic feature focusing on a solitary protagonist’s attempt to evade a pursuer.

Mia has sneaked into a restricted slope to indulge in snowboarding. But now she becomes the target of a masked psychopath, dressed in black. Mia must evade this troublesome stalker, while simultaneously battling to survive against the onslaught of extreme weather conditions.

You and your partner will be glued to the edge of your seat each time the virginal white snow becomes peppered with red!

Watch it now on Tubi. 

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