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With streaming platforms like Netflix delivering more genre goodness than ever, there’s never been a better time to stay home and snuggle up.

If you love watching horror, what would make watching the latest Netflix series more enjoyable? Easy. Having someone to share the experience: a partner to snuggle into as you both anticipate the jump scares! Joining a dating site will put you in touch with so many other singles.  Online dating is at the peak of its popularity due to the recent lockdown restriction. And with the help of digital technologies, you can browse singles online, and find others looking for fellow horror aficionados to scare up a good time with. After connecting with someone compatible, you’ll soon be arranging regular dates which should, no doubt, include plenty of Netflix and Chills.

Once you begin dating, here are some fantastic horror shows to enjoy on Netflix with your partner.

1. Black Summer

If you love horror series set after the zombie apocalypse, you are currently spoiled for choice. Starring American model and actress Jaime King, Black Summer stands out from the shambling hordes. It avoids the familiar trope of plucky survivors joining forces to avoid becoming someone’s next meal. Instead, it portrays a truly chilling view of societal collapse, where there’s no unity, only isolated groups looking out for themselves. This is what makes Black Summer such an edge-of-the-seat experience: the walking living are every bit as unpredictable and murderous as the walking dead!

2. The Haunting of Hill House

Flashing back to a nightmarish night when a group of children was forced to flee their family home, this gripping paranormal thriller will keep you enthralled on date night. Mostly set in the present, the fractured relationships between the now adults siblings are set against the terrifying events that inspired them to flee into the night. Each is battling against their demons, but the scenes where they are forced to confront the various entities that lurked in the gothic mansion of their childhood will stick in your mind. Based on Shirley Jackson’s classic horror novel, The Haunting of Hill House from Mike Flanagan is a cut above the usual slasher fodder.

3. Santa Clarita Diet

This hilarious black comedy stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as Californian couple Sheila and Joel. When Sheila begins showing nightmarish symptoms, such as a craving for human flesh, their idyllic suburban existence is thrown into turmoil. Along the way, there are nosy neighbors to placate, a dismembered undead head to chat to in the basement, and shadowy Knights of Serbia out to assassinate Sheila. It’s always refreshing to come across a different take on the supernatural, and the ever-crazier situations Sheila and Joel have to extricate themselves from makes for entertaining viewing.

4. Nightflyers

As a genre, horror has often crossed over into science fiction. After all, voyaging into deep space is surely infinitely scarier than strolling through an abandoned house! Alien, released way back in 1979, remains one of the most horrifying movies ever. We are in the year 2093, and a scientific research team is making the first contact with an alien species, traveling aboard the world’s most advanced spaceship, Nightflyer. Based on short stories by someone whose other work you might be aware of (George R R Martin, the writer behind Game of Thrones), events quickly spiral out of control. The further into unknown territory the crew venture, the more horrors they face. Perfect for your date!

5. Betaal

To round off your Netflix binge, how about something quite different from anything else you might’ve both seen? Betaal is an Indian production and pits modern-day soldiers against an army of British redcoats who have survived since the brutally repressed rebellion against Imperial rule in 1857. How have they managed to achieve this superhuman feat of longevity? Easy. They’re zombies. Skilfully blending traditional walking dead gore, Indian history, and mythology, this only lasted for one series of four episodes — but it is certainly worth a binge!

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