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If your date night plans include an evening at home with Netflix, here are five of the absolute best horror films currently streaming.

Netflix Date Night

If you love horror as much as we do here at Morbidly Beautiful (and we’re guessing you do if you’re here), then it may be really important to you that whoever you choose to share your time with also loves and appreciates the genre. Thus, if you’re single and looking to find someone special, one of your key criteria might be someone who is at least open to spending a few quality dates nights cuddled on the couch watching some of the genre’s best films.

Dating sites can be a great place to meet people, especially if your tastes are more nuanced. With the vast diversity in options currently available, you can find a site that allows you to cater your criteria to include people who share your love of a good scare. You can even tailor your search for a micro-specific niche like bikers, fitness enthusiasts, single parents, gamers, or even sugar mommas if that’s your thing.

Signing up for a digital service designed to serve a specific community would put you in touch with people who share your interests and passions, like people who love Dungeons and Dragons, bibliophiles, anime fans, and, of course, hardcore horror junkies. You can even tailor your search to the kind of partner you hope to attract, such as people in the military or successful older women. Once you sign up, you could browse through the galleries of suitable profiles, discuss your shared passions — like favorite horror movies — in chat rooms, and ultimately start dating a sugar momma or whoever fits your criteria.

Once you’ve met someone who makes your heart skip a beat, it’s time to plan the perfect date. And, as always, we recommend a perfectly curated movie night.

To help you out, below are five of our all-time favorite horror films with wide appeal, currently streaming on Netflix.

1. Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

This dark fantasy takes us into an imaginative world conjured by Academy Award-winning director Guillermo Del Toro.

Partly set in the real world horror of 1940s Spain, when the fascist military is rooting out the last vestiges of the forces who opposed them during the recent Civil War, there’s also a parallel universe inhabited by some jaw-droppingly horrific entities.

Much of the fairy tale aspect draws on aspects of ancient mythology, but the sight of the Pale Man, a monster with a taste for children, will have you and your date perched on the edge of your seats.

Why we love it: There are enough striking visuals and tense, disturbing scenes to appeal to horror fans, but it’s more of a beautiful and engrossing gothic fairytale that won’t alienate viewers averse to gore and more extreme content. With a captivating story and a healthy mix of both drama and whimsy from a truly visionary filmmaker, it’s hard to find much here not to love. 

2. Jaws (1975)


Released in the pre-CGI era, resulting in a somewhat rubber-looking shark appearing towards the closing scenes, Jaws is nevertheless an undisputed horror classic — and the often imitated but never duplicated gold standard of shark films.

A huge part of what makes this story of a Great White terrorizing a coastal Massachusetts community so terrifying and timeliness is more in what we don’t see than what we do. There is something so chilling about just seeing nothing more than an ominous dorsal fin in the water. The action unfolds from the point-of-view of the razor-toothed 25-foot long fish, its presence enhanced by the masterfully sinister and instantly recognizable theme music.

The chemistry between the shark hunter (Robert Shaw), police chief (Roy Scheider), and marine biologist (Richard Dreyfuss) is the final ingredient in this gripping date night feature.

Why we love it: Arguably one of the greatest horror films of all time, JAWS remains influential and truly terrifying even nearly 50 years later and has still never been surpassed. It did for the ocean what PSYCHO did for the shower; once you see it, it’s impossible for it not to leave a permanent imprint. 

3. Alien (1979)

The tagline for this benchmark in sci-fi horror was: In space, no one can hear you scream. However, your movie date may definitely hear you scream, as this Ridley Scott masterpiece contains several scenes that take terror to another level.

Whether it’s the sight of a parasitic alien larva exploding from actor John Hurt’s belly or the creature that has infiltrated a spaceship when it achieves its full height and begins ambushing the crew, you are in for a white-knuckle ride into terror.

Genre icon Sigourney Weaver excels in the movie that launched her Hollywood career.

Why we love it: ALIEN combines the horror of isolation with the fear of the unknown “other” to create a tension-filled, pulse-pounding viewing experience like none other. Despite the fantastical scenario, Ridley creates a very realistic, character-driven story that makes it terrifyingly easy to imagine yourself in, thereby heightening the immersive dread. 

4. The Descent (2005)

Potholing is a dangerous enough pursuit at the best of times. But when six women enter a dank subterranean system, facing flooding and cave-ins, something far more horrifying is lurking in the shadows.

After the women become trapped in the cave, they come across piles of bones and soon discover this claustrophobic realm is also home to creatures with a taste for fresh meat. The party is picked off one by one by mysterious humanoids that have evolved below ground, and that hunt their prey by sound.

Writer-director Neil Marshall ramps up the suspense throughout this thrilling movie, providing many moments that will prompt you to jump into your date’s arms.

Why we love it: Few films do such a good job effectively conveying a sense of horrifying claustrophobia and dread. Even before things spiral out of control and the more traditional horror elements get introduced, you’ll be tightly gripping the couch’s armrest or grabbing your partner tightly. As with all the films on this list, the thrills come more from the chilling atmosphere and mood than over-the-top gore and jump-scares. 

5. Let Me In (2010)

Based on a Swedish vampire movie called Let the Right One In, the action in this American remake from director Matt Reeves is transplanted from Stockholm to New Mexico.

At the heart of the story is the touching relationship between a young boy, Owen, who is mercilessly bullied by his peers, and the mysterious teenage girl, Abby, who befriends him. She is harboring a deadly secret, one that will inspire the bullies to deeply regret their actions.

Abby is undead, with ferocious powers and a taste for human blood!

Why we love it: This film works on so many levels. Not only does it deliver some truly memorable and frightening scenes, but it’s also a beautiful and engrossing tale about the power of love and friendship, making it the absolutely perfect date night movie. It’s also a rare American remake of a foreign film that manages to really get things right and honor the integrity of the source material. 

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