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Horror’s Scream Queens and Rising Talent: Six Questions for Meowstress Kitten Rose 

“Meowstress Kitten Rose slays from Dallas, Texas. Born a Los Angeles angel dominating as a Metal/Horror Host, IMDb Actress and Internationally Published Pinup/Rockabilly/Fetish Model. Kitten Rose is also a published Makeup/Hair and Photographer, in both Inked ( US Ink and Vintage Boudoir Magazine). Metal Meowstress is currently working on Texas Horror Cult and her own production Meowstress TV. Hosting and interviewing for 3 years in radio, podcasts as well as media. Genres include Horror/Gore, Metal, Thrash/ Grindcore/Death/Doom, actors/directors, musicians, artists, performers from fetish, bellydance to burlesque. I especially love the custom car events/shows that I have been apart of over the past 5 years including producing/hosting pinup/rockabilly pageants. I wouldn’t mind guest hosting city to city or country to country!
I have invested in myself over the past 2 years in photography/film and currently educating myself on how to set up my own equipment to film interviews on the road. I want to travel a lot more, interviewing/modeling/host/photogrpahy at conventions and festivals all around the world. I am a jack of all trades and know how to hustle in every industry. My life is full of musicians and performance, one thing it has taught me is to be mobile as well as useful! I had to earn my respect and loyalty in many worlds and I  keep it that way! I am by no means conventional and my drive is the support of friends, family and my fans! I would not have the confidence I do without the support system I do have!
 Meowstress Kitten Rose is a seductress in bellydance and burlesque. I am open when it comes to the art of tease. I especially love the darker side of performing. I feel more alive and free when I dance to what I want and not being limited to what others expect. I look forward to traveling and meeting more women in the burlesque communities throughout the world. I have been doing a lot more private shoots and creating content for calendar material. I have but currently I am updating to have images available for purchase via download. I am an inspiring brand, voice and personality that is always looking for memories and a way to celebrate and create! By day I am a bartender in Dallas and book/consult bands for booking and events. I have a small home photography/dance studio I rent out for those who do not have pole at home or for those who need headshots or even a pinup/rockabilly/naughty shoot!”*

1. How did you get into the industry?

I started the media side of my journey by making a few appearances in couple of music videos for an infamous pro skater. Shortly after that I was working on pinup/lowrider project, when I was asked to partake in a movie premiere held by Warner Bros. for the movie Gangster Squad at a movie theatre in Dallas, Texas. I was pretty excited because my roots began roaming the WB studio as a child and being able to represent my vintage pinup style brought back so many memories. I met an upcoming director at this premiere, with whom I networked and was invited to attended a marketing photo shoot for a web series he was creating called “Mobland”. He gave me direction and began mentoring me in many roles such as casting, executive production work and tapping into my acting skills. I fell in love with being not only behind the camera but amongst so many talented and driven individuals that I could learn so much from. You know the saying, “surround yourself with like minded individuals”? I sure as hell made that happen.

I attended a 48 Hour Film Competition, Stoner Race, which is full of many great upcoming Dallas actors, cinematographers that have been putting Dallas on the horror scene map and killing it, no pun intended. Each year Demonic Chronic Film Festival celebrates these hard working writers, directors, producers, actors and crews by submitting shorts in a 48 hour time frame. Most of the films are comedy, horror based with it’s main focus on greenery and occasionally blood, lust and debauchery. I was completely stoked that I found a group of professionals that have become family and work amongst one another in celebrating every chance we get to cause some bloody debauchery in front of and behind the lens. I never would have imagined that acting could be such a healing tool. Shortly after that I landed my first acting role as a sexual predator in a movie called ‘Reborn”, available on iTunes and Amazon. I earned my IMDb credits for acting, casting and location.

2. What Scream Queen/Woman in Horror inspired you most?

I would have to say Geretta Rosemary, she scared the Judas Priest out of me in Demons (1985), directed by Lamberto Bava and produced by horror legend Dario Argento–the father of Asia Argento and Rats: Night of Terror (1984) . I had the honor and pleasure of meeting my favorite Scream Queen at Housecore Horror Film Festival in 2013, a horror and heavy metal festival that is held in Austin, Texas each year.

Evil geniuses and festival Co-Founders Philip Anselmo and best-selling true crime author Corey Mitchell came together and created HHFF. This Horror Festival showcases the new and the old, the bloody and the quiet, the creepy and the funny. Horror films of all shapes, formats, and budgets. Mix this three day weekend with the heaviest of music in metal and a Rot Scars Awards ceremony, to which Metal Meowstress had the honour of presenting the awards in 2014 to those that won in the nine categories from best short, to best director, screenwriter, special effect, etc. One of the best weekend of my life! The horror community lost Corey shortly after wrapping up the following Monday! He is forever missed and loved by us all. You can visit and donate to a great cause.

Corey made the perfect choice with having Gerretta there for appearance and signings. It was a very hot and humid weekend and the SQ looked quite dehydrated so I made sure I kept her hydrated and offered myself as her slave for the weekend. She is such a beautiful woman inside and out. Funny, humbled, intelligent and cool as %&^@! I was hanging with Gerretta Gerretta! She gave me a signed photo of her from Demons, which hangs in my Gorelesque rockstar bathroom!

3. What horror film hooked you on the genre and why?

This is such a difficult question to answer! I had previously discussed loving “Rats” and “Demons”, due to the sexxxy Geretta Rosemary! However, I do have to admit loving ” 1958 The Blob”, “The Hand, 1981” and “IT”. Oh how “IT”, frightened me! I love clowns of all sorts! The anxiety and fear gives me a bit of an exciting rush! I attended Valerio St. Elementary in Van Nuys, California. I was maybe in the 3rd or 4th grade when the story of “the hand” started to spread! If you went into the last stall of the restroom, “the hand” would come up and get you!!! Needless to say I no longer has issues with public restrooms any longer! Good times!!

4. When you are presented with a script or movie concept, what are the things that draw you to certain projects and away from others?

The first lure for me would be the director. There are so many directors, producers, etc. All with whom come with different concepts. The crew is a very important part for me. I like to be myself and not everyone can handle that, so when I am comfortable with the people I work with and can trust that we are all on the same page then the energy flows. That drives me into more of a deeper creative connection, which in turn makes everything that much more realistic.

It is really hard trying to be half dressed and sexy (because those roles are just my favorite to play) with your fellow actors you just meet.. so a good foundation of professionalism is important. I also like one of a kind ideas…. creating a new concept. The last film I was in I played a cannibal that killed humans and zombies. I had my very own pet zombie, and I got to piss on him! Seriously! It was epic! We had a condom full of lemonade, and I had it tied to my panties and poked a hole. I would do it again, damn it! This film is full of raw, intense, crudeness and lots of sharing. This film has been picked up by TROMA.I do not know dates and such for release as of yet, but I am stoked to know I have made history for myself with people that believed in me.

5. The evolution of women in the genre continues to change almost daily, so what are your thoughts on how things have changed and what do you see coming for the current and future women of horror?

I am actually really proud to see so many new and hard working personalities coming into the smog of the darkness. I have been supporting a few major female directors/producers/actress/model/performers that work their ass off! They motivate, inspire, celebrate with you on achievements and vice versa! Jen and Sylvia Soska “Soska Twins” have created their own genre of horror and took over Hollywood! Why?!! Because they could! It is that attitude that connects your dreams and these women are creating a foundation for more players! A community of professional female horror actresses. I have watched the self entitled, walk on who they must, lie through a pretty smile. Use the image and not support the community/lifestyle that comes with it! I have my personal black book of spells.

Tristan Risk has become one of my modern day horror scream queens! Underground Gore, it’s where you find the best of the best. Female Horror Directors and actresses are on the radar and getting more coverage. It is wicked to know that our “crazy” is being accepted in a bloody good way! I created “Metal Meowstress” to express the darker side of my passions. Meowstress celebrates her sexuality and lust for death, horror, blood. She likes to seduce you with her awareness of the flesh, conversations of death and to perform in blood… I started Bloodlust Cult Burlesque and look forward to teasing and pleasing in every way possible. It is a beautiful thing when you can just delight in your dark creative, perversions of gore and be appreciated!

6. What are the next couple projects you are working on?

I have been a Metal/Horror host for the past 2 years with Texas Horror Cult. It is a Dallas based show that is currently on YouTube. I interview musicians, horror actors, horror brands, writers, artists,film makers, etc. We have been sponsored by Frightmare Weekend, Fangoria and Full Moon Features. I have two great bosses that appreciate my drive and passion to host. I look forward to having some traveling in my future. I would love to be booked conventions, festivals, concerts.

I am currently working on my own content for my YouTube,  Meowstress TV. I am currently preparing for interviews in the Metal, Thrash, Gore, Horror, Fetish, Burlesque, Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Ink. etc Lifestyles. Music Venues and most anything that needs to be celebrated. I have been traveling a lot lately for shoots ( I am a Internationally published Pinup Model) and building my brand “Meowstress” Kitten Rose. I have been focusing on my photography and actually became a published photographer for the first time! I want to stay focused on metal, thrash, grindcore, heavy metal, ink and of course all the dark and naughty things one can imagine in photography. I have limits… just have to inquire on what mine are?!

I have been training with Poi Cobweb fans and learning how to dominate a 9 foot bullwhip! They are part of my bellydance/burlesque performances coming in April for Fort Worth Ink and Art Expo. I will also be conducting interviews with the artists and vendors who come from all over to bring us ink therapy!  This will be the 3rd year it has been held at Will Rogers Convention Centre and the production gets better each year! So keep an eye out on Meowstress TV for updates! I am working beside Jeb Adame with US Backlines, contacted his favorite Kitten @MeowstressProductions and I chose a few enticing lovelies to set the stage on fire! 2017 has been great so far for me! You can always catch me at a metal show, burlesque, fetish event or even roaming the bars to visit my favorite bartenders (we all stick together #killerbartenders).

If you are ever in Dallas and want to connect for a booking you can email me at [email protected]. I am currently working on getting content and as many interviews as possible for Meowstress TV and for the upcoming Frightmare Weekend with Texas Horror Cult. You can look us up on You Tube @Texas Horror Cult and @MeowstressTV! If you are a traveling band, performer, artist of horror, metal, burlesque, Ink etc and you land here in Dallas/Fort Worth for a show, you can always email me and set up a time to get you an interview slot! I have interviews with Crowbar, Kill For Mother and interviews with Casey Orr (GWAR/Rigor Mortis/Wizards of Gore)  CEO of @TheArtofOrr, as well as Joey Gonzalez (drummer of Superjoint, Phil H. Anselmo and The Illegals, Warbeast). Ink interviews with Ryan Nine-One and one of my favorite Burlesque Goddess’, ” Blaze”.

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*Bio Courtesy of “Meowstress” Kitten Rose Ramirez

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