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Michelle Tomlinson

Horror’s Scream Queens and Rising Talent: Six Questions for Michelle Tomlinson

“Listed on several Top Ten Hot B Movie Actresses Lists, Michelle Tomlinson is a trained and passionate Actor originally from Los Alamos, New Mexico. She has received rave reviews in several Feature Films that have not only hit Festivals, but some Theatres as well as DVD Releases. She is best known for her work in Indie Horror Feature Films such as The Cellar Door and Brain Dead. She also plays the Series Lead in the Web Series “Kung Fu Femmes” and has been in several Short Films and Plays. Tomlinson also Coaches Actors of every age, ability and experience to not only book their own auditions but to learn more about the craft of Acting and how to get out of their own way and let the work speak through them.”

1. How did you get into the industry?

I received a BFA in Theatre Performance from Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, New Mexico. It only made sense that I moved to Los Angeles after graduating to start my journey in Film and Television. I took a lot of Acting Classes, worked super hard and auditioned as much as possible. Then I started booking gigs.

2. What Scream Queen/Woman in Horror inspired you the most?

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween and Heather Langenkamp in A Nightmare on Elm Street.  They were both badass- survivor-type women who just rocked it.

3. What horror film hooked you on the genre and why?

I wouldn’t say I’m hooked on the genre, but I do really dig and respect it.  I grew up watching a slew of slasher flicks and couldn’t get enough of the Halloween, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises.

4. When you are presented with a project, what are the things that draw you to certain projects and away from others?

Story. I am drawn to a cool/fun/strong/interesting story. I love well-written women characters. I love it when they’re flawed or have to overcome something or get to have a fun fight or plight within the script. I’m also drawn to working with really creative people who have a strong vision and a strong team who all strive to complete the vision. I don’t mean it has to be big budget, but to have a strong team is everything when it comes to filmmaking.

I also REALLY appreciate professionalism and integrity. It dampens my spirit when I receive a script through DM on Twitter or Messenger on Facebook that’s in word format and getting demanded that I supply feedback.

5. The evolution of women in the genre continues to change almost daily, so what are your thoughts on how things have changed and what do you see coming for the current and future women of horror?

MORE STRONG WOMEN CHARACTERS!  YAY!!!  More Women Directors, Producers, Special F/X Artists, Writers and Actors working more and more within the genre.

6. What are the next couple projects you are working on?

Believe it or not, I am Directing and Producing two Documentaries right now. There are other stories I feel that need to be told, and I am working with various amazing humans (aka strong teams!) to bring them to fruition. One is RISE OF THE MILLENNIAL, which I am working on with my longtime friend, Kimberly Amato. We are scooting through production and slowly easing our way into post-production. The other is a project that I also hold dear to my heart and I look forward to unveiling details when the time is right.

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